November 14, 2019

BB X World Chase Tag make a splash at Mindshare Huddle

World Chase Tag is the original founding body of competitive tag. The sport combines the dynamic athleticism of Parkour with the age-old game of tag. Two teams of up to five athletes battle it out in a series of 20 second 1v1 chases inside a competitive arena laden with obstacles. The name of the game: don’t get caught!

World Chase Tag creators, the brother duo of Christian and Damien Devaux, came up with the idea whilst playing tag with their children in the garden. Since that moment in 2011, they’ve spent years testing and fine tuning their sport to become one of the most viewed niche sports on YouTube.

Sports like World Chase Tag don’t gain the coverage on linear TV channels such as BBC Sports, Sky and BT Sport. So how do you build the brand and the audience globally on a shoestring budget without the support of the TV heavyweights? With the support of Brave Bison, these two founders have accessed views of over 350M across social media, with one video receiving a whopping 32M views on YouTube alone. Their story shows the power of mediums such as YouTube which, when optimized, can have fantastic results and build a strong global community and active following.

Online video isn’t just making niche sports like World Chase Tag popular, it’s totally reshaping how, when and where sports fans watch and engage with sports. The rise of digital platforms, social media and smarter technology has brought a shift in normal routine that have irrevocably affected the viewing habits of the modern sports fan. For World Chase Tag, online video has provided a way of distributing their content to millions, without the backing of sponsors, enormous resource or a traditional sports broadcaster.

So it begs the question: how do sports and their sponsors adjust and capitalise on the changing behaviour of online sports consumption? Our Huddle will draw on the experiences of World Chase Tag to show how platforms like YouTube are revolutionising viewing behaviour and helping them win in a fierce battle for fan engagement.

Mindshare Huddle saw the two founders of World Chase Tag on a panel with Business Development Director Luke Ricketts and Rich Pilcher, Head of Audience Development discuss and debate the topics, whilst being fired questions by moderator Bea Warner, Head of Marketing; and the audience themselves.

Watch our showreel to see how it went!

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