December 20, 2019

How much should brands pay creators?

VidCon is the world’s largest event for fans, creators, executives, and brands who are passionate about online video and building diverse communities, so when VidCon hit Asia for the first time in 2019, Brave Bison was thrilled to be a sponsor and host our own workshop.

We were beyond happy with the turnout for our workshop that our Head of Influencer Talent Sophie Crowther and Creative Director Matthew Crescenzo hosted on how to value creators, as well as the benefits of working with creators – a topic that the team is very passionate about.

There is so much more value in working with influencers than maybe brands and agencies give them credit for. In addressing how to cost out influencers we must look beyond just engagement, views and follower numbers. Our three top takeaways for an agency are:

  1. Community Bond
  2. Social persona
  3. The E-Factor

We also had video contributions from two of our creator friends Sichenmakeupholic (Thailand) and A Flying Andrew TV (Vietnam) who offered their top 3 things that they take into consideration when pricing themselves for a branded content campaign. We received positive feedback from those who attended and were very heartened by everyone’s active response throughout the workshop. To see our presentation we ran through, click here.

“I got a huge amount out of being involved at Vidcon Asia and I’m so excited to see how it evolves over the coming years. Working with creators all over APAC but being based out of Singapore means I’ve connected with many talented individuals in the industry over many years, but we don’t always get the chance to meet, so it was awesome to get to finally meet so many industry friends.” – Sophie Crowther

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