April 17, 2020

Now is the time to connect. Reach valuable audiences with Brave Bison.

]”Never has it been more crucial to find ways of connecting with each other digitally and never has social media played a more important role in our lives. Time spent on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp has seen a 70% increase in recent weeks, as people seek to stay connected in this time of social distancing; and video is leading the charge in terms of the content that we are looking to engage with. At Brave Bison we are seeing this increase reflected on the channels within our own portfolio, most notably with DIY & Crafts, views of which are up more than 20% as demand for home improvement products and content is at an all-time high.

Similarly, YouTube is seeing its views soar in the countries most affected by the pandemic, with views in Italy increasing by 20x in the month of February. People are turning to the platform to find educational content, as well as news and updates across a number of categories, not least, sports. In lieu of live sporting events, YouTube is the destination for all the latest sports content and Brave Bison is working with its sports channels to devise content strategies that focus on surfacing archived content, creating highlights and compilation videos and working with sports personalities to deliver bespoke content from their homes.

The audiences are out there and they are actively engaging with content across all social media platforms.

Understandably, advertisers are currently reassessing their marketing strategy and looking at what steps to take in the short-term to help futureproof their business in the longer-term, but at Brave Bison we are advising our brand partners not to go dark at this time. This is a time when brands must adapt and become what their customers need them to be. A smart brand will be looking to tailor a relevant message that is sensitive to the global situation. A smart brand will build a narrative that resonates. And a smart brand will establish a cadence that takes them on a journey along with their consumers.

global survey of 35,000 consumers published by Kantar in the last week of March shows that 92% of people think brands should keep advertising in the current climate. We want advertising and we want it to deliver positive and honest storytelling. To be a trusted and respected voice throughout these uncertain times and to help and support us as customers.

And it seems as though, as an industry, we want the same thing as our audiences do. It’s reported that social media ad spend is expected to increase by 22% as a result of the pandemic, as many advertisers are tapping into the incredible power of social media to deliver their message to desirable audiences at a time when they need it most.

At Brave Bison we are proactively identifying opportunities based on the rise in engagement we are seeing across all platforms. Now, more than ever, we are able to connect your brands to valuable audiences, at scale, when they are engaging with content they love.”

– Fran Hale, Sales Director