September 29, 2020

Link Up TV Renews for 3 Years

Brave Bison will partner with Link Up TV for a further 3 years. We will support with the management of content, channels, rights, monetisation and audience development.
Link Up TV
Link Up TV

Be a part of one of the biggest Grime channels in the world.

Link Up TV is one of the biggest Grime channels in the world. It’s considered to be a leading platform in showcasing rising music talent and has helped elevate the careers of many emerging artists. The partnership will see Brave Bison continue to assist with the management of the brand’s YouTube channel, as well as working closely with Link Up TV to build and implement a new content strategy.

Brave Bison will also work with them to create new entertainment shows that will allow the channel to innovate and grow in the Grime and entertainment space. Link Up TV’s new “Originals” will help the channel reach a wider audience and encourage newer fans of Grime music to join their community of subscribers and followers.

Link Up TV first partnered with Brave Bison in January 2013, at a time when they had fewer than 100k subscribers and were generating 20m views yearly. They were seeking a partner that would help them manage their YouTube channel, whilst also acting as consultant on best practices and delivering a creative and innovative content strategy. This strategy was designed to help the channel find its target audience and ultimately secure its position as a pioneering channel in the Grime and new artists space. Within the first five years of the relationship, Link Up TV became the leading Grime channel on YouTube and boasted over 1.4m subscribers and more than 400m yearly views.

The brand has worked with the likes of Stormzy, Skepta, Bugzy Malone, Giggs and Drake. In 2014 Link Up TV shared “Rapman – Shiro’s Story”, a short film distributed in three parts that delivered over 24m views. Following its release, Paramount Pictures picked up the story to then produce into a feature-length film. 

Brave Bison and Link Up TV will work closely together to further entertain the existing audiences with the content they love most and at the same time will identify opportunities to reach new audiences. In the next three years Brave Bison’s dedicated audience development team, who display strong music and Grime knowledge across the board, aim to bring a new era of success and growth to the channel, with new content including documentaries, original series and entertainment shows – all produced by Link Up TV.

“Link Up TV is one of the most recognised brands in Grime music. We are very excited to continue the partnership with the Link Up TV team and help grow the channel even further. They have some exciting new content being produced and we are thrilled to help Link Up TV bring their vision into reality

Christos Constantinou, Director of Operations at Brave Bison

From the beginning we have always put content front & centre and we have built up a loyal and engaged audience based on a reputation for high production values and innovation. More and more, in order to succeed in this space, you need to be agile and not be afraid to experiment. This is why we are so excited to launch many new formats in the near future. Having a partner with such a deep understanding of how to succeed on digital platforms is why we are so happy to be continuing our long term relationship with Brave Bison”

Rashid Kasiyre, Founder at Link Up TV