May 7, 2021

VOXI extends our influencer marketing partnership!

We’ve been reappointed by VOXI as their influencer marketing partner for a minimum of three more months, following a highly successful first campaign!

VOXI is a mobile network from Vodafone, offering unique Endless plans that are targeted at Gen Z and Millennial audiences. 

VOXI initially partnered with Brave Bison in 2020 to launch a talent-led social marketing campaign, which educated audiences on their unique proposition and converted them into loyal VOXI customers.

The campaign was a great success, generating over 10 million impressions and 700,000 video views. Brave Bison will build upon the success of the first term of their partnership by producing creative content that will drive more sign-ups to VOXI and further increase brand awareness.

The second campaign will feature some of the content creators from the first campaign, alongside new and exciting talent with high engagement rates. 

It’s a genuine delight to continue working with VOXI. The first phase of our partnership saw the creation of an incredible breadth of content from some of the hottest and most diverse influencers in the UK. I’m looking forward to developing this relationshipfurther and delivering even more loyal customers to the VOXI brand.

Fran Hale, VP Sales & Marketing at Brave Bison

After a fantastic first initial campaign, we are thrilled to be extending our partnership with Brave Bison. Producing innovative and creative influencer-led content that delivers results is vital for VOXI so we very much look forward to continuing on this exciting journey with Brave Bison.

Graeme Boase, Affiliate Marketing Specialist at Vodafone

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