May 11, 2021

Contract Renewal

Brave Bison, the social media and marketing group, announces that it has been reappointed by VOXI as their influencer marketing partner following a successful trial campaign at the end of 2020. VOXI, part of Vodafone Group, is a mobile network that offers unique data plans targeted at Millennial and Gen Z customers.

VOXI initially partnered with Brave Bison in 2020 to launch a talent-led social marketing campaign across digital platforms aimed at educating youth audiences on VOXI’s unique proposition.

The initial campaign was a great success, generating over 10 million impressions and 700,000 video views. Brave Bison will build upon the success of the initial partnership by producing creative content that will drive more sign-ups to VOXI and further increase brand awareness. The new campaign will feature some of the original content creators from the first campaign, alongside new talent with high engagement rates.