September 7, 2021

Q&A with our charity partner Tree-Nation

At Brave Bison, we recognise our responsibility to make positive environmental change.

Earlier this year, we partnered with Tree-Nation, a worldwide platform to plant trees. We have committed to planting 20 trees for every new campaign that we launch.

Tree-Nation makes it easy for every citizen and company to plant trees, offset our carbon emissions and reforest the world. We decided to partner with them as part of our commitment to lower our environmental impact and to create a communal space for everyone in the Brave Bison Universe to get involved with our efforts.

We sat down with them to learn more about the work they do, how we and other companies help and why you should also get involved.

How important are corporate partnerships like ours to Tree-Nation?

Corporate partnerships are essential to Tree-Nation. It is companies rather than consumers who are the biggest influencers in consumer habits, which is why helping to increase their awareness of sustainability as well as offsetting their carbon dioxide is one of our most important areas of focus.

How much CO2 is offset by Tree-Nation every year?

300,000 – 400,000 kg / year and this is increasing year on year as we plant more trees.

Why is it valuable for companies to become a more sustainable brand?

It is not only valuable for companies to become sustainable but essential when thinking in the long-term.

Sustainability today is certainly a nice option and something consumers are paying more and more attention to, but within the next 5 to 10 years sustainability will become absolutely essential to any business.

The more apparent the consequences of eroding our environment and climate change become the more likely a consumer is to not even consider buying from a non-sustainable company.

Keep up with what we’re doing in our Brave Bison Forest and the trees we are planting around the world. Follow the brilliant work that Tree-Nation do and get involved yourself!

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