September 15, 2021

Content from our Viral Vault library is featured in latest SNICKERS ad

We’re thrilled that content from our Viral Vault library has been featured in the latest ad from SNICKERS!

Content from our Viral Vault library has been featured in the latest advert from world-famous chocolate brand, SNICKERS.

Viral Vault is the home of user generated video storytelling – a one-stop shop for the world’s best viral video content, brought to you by Brave Bison. We want to inspire brands, agencies, and production companies with the best new viral content from around the world.

Our extensive database is well equipped with cleared and ready to use viral content, and we keep updating it weekly with the best new Virals as they pop, and also source content to brief.

By featuring user-generated content in your campaign or commercial, brands can effectively connect with audiences in an authentic way. According to Business Wire, consumers are x2.4 more likely to view user-generated content as authentic compared to glossy, high-production level content created by brands. 

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