September 29, 2021

We’ve launched a second TikTok campaign with Suntory!

We’re super excited to announce we have partnered up once again with global food and drinks brand, Suntory, to create another exciting new TikTok campaign in Thailand!

In this campaign, Suntory wanted to promote their widely popular Oolong tea that comes in two variants, no sugar and low sugar, to promote healthy living. Suntory’s Oolong tea is a staple in Asian culture, as it’s an authentic product that is super tasty and is widely loved!


ใครทำทัน แล้วไม่ให้ขวดตกโชว์หน่อย~ ชาอู่หลงทีพลัส เต็มรสชาสดชื่นจัดเต็ม TeaPlus TheSka TheSkaFilm BieTheSka Ad

♬ เสียงต้นฉบับ – Bie The Ska – Bie The Ska

We’re delighted to be working with Suntory once again to develop an exciting and engaging campaign that’ll help this great product reach its potential on TikTok.

Our expert talent team searched high and low to find influencers in Thailand who have the perfect balance of coolness and relevance to bring this creative and engaging campaign to fruition. We had to find influencers who are energetic, engaging and creative enough to come up with what Suntory is looking for. 

We carefully selected a team of popular influencers including…

Bie the Ska (18.7 million followers)

Yadas (628k followers)

ThisIsCarys (4.6 million followers)

Oosakaaaa (494k followers)

Mede Moji (4.6 million followers)

Fin Chotika (1.7 million followers)

Using their own creative skills and with our support, developed an engaging and lively social campaign with the spotlight on the Tea Plus brand. 


ไหนใครทำมือทันบ้าง อย่าลืมมาร่วมเล่นกิจกรรมชาอุหลงทีพลัสกับโมนะคะ #ชาอู่หลงทีพลัส #เต็มรสชาสดชื่นจัดเต็ม #TeaPlus #Ad

♬ เสียงต้นฉบับ – ภิญญดา นันต๊ะคำมี💓 – ภิญญดา นันต๊ะคำมี💓

In collaboration with the creators, we managed to brew up an extremely fun campaign where we initiated a TikTok hashtag dance challenge to engage audiences and leverage on them to increase our reach. To complement this, we also got our TikTokers to reveal an ‘authentic and tasty’ side (just like the tea!) to their audience in hopes to improve brand and influencer association. 

The campaign is another giant step for Suntory, as it is their second TikTok campaign following the success of their previous campaign with us.

As experts in connecting global brands with new social platforms, we know which content is the best for different audiences and how to deliver it in the best way. As we journey into more campaigns with Suntory, we are looking forward to providing quality service to the brand and helping them to achieve their brand goals.

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