October 18, 2021

Snapchat offers creators more with challenges, gifts, and a marketplace for brands

Snapchat is giving creators new ways of making cash as it bolsters its offering to ‘Snap Stars’.

The new Spotlight Challenges are an intriguing proposition. They offer cash incentives for using lenses, sounds, or topics specified by Snap. The top 50 eligible, most-viewed submissions will be judged for creativity and originality, innovative use of tools, unique POV, and entertainment value.

An average of between three and five creators will then receive a share of a prize pot of between $1,000 and $25,000. The minimum prize is $250.

This has launched in the US first, and there’s no word of a wider rollout yet.

Meanwhile, Snap has started rolling out the gifting feature it announced earlier this year. Fans can buy their favourite Snap Stars a virtual gift, with the Star earning a share of the revenue. It’s launched in the US first, with other countries set to follow in the coming months.

And finally, Snap has expanded its Creator Marketplace to let it grab a slice of revenue from brand partnerships, by helping match Snap Stars with advertisers. 

Snapchat is not the first platform to offer features like this, but they are a useful addition to its toolset.

Brave Bison is proud to be a Snapchat Discover Premium Production partner. This status allows for us to work closely with Snapchat to commission new Shows on our own and also on our partners’ behalf & send across pilots for review. We currently have a portfolio of six Shows, which all offer unique and different content verticals that excite audiences in their millions.

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