October 29, 2021

The new era. It’s Meta.

It’s been hard to miss the news that Facebook is transforming into a “metaverse” company and that they have now changed their name to Meta.

Beyond the rebrand, the company has pledged to create 10,000 metaverse development jobs in the EU, as it invests around $10 billion in transforming itself to focus on virtual worlds, augmented reality, and virtual reality.

The metaverse—a connected world of virtual experiences for social, work, gaming and more that you can dip into and jump between as easily as you move between websites and apps—is years from being a complete reality, but Meta is busily laying its foundations.

At Meta’s recent Connect event, we saw impressive avatar technology, a next-generation VR headset, tests of AR in BMW cars, support for Slack and Dropbox, and more. And expect the company’s existing products to dive into the metaverse too. Instagram boss Adam Mosseri said he’s “excited about creating a more immersive Instagram experience in the metaverse”.

Even at this early stage, it’s worth considering how your brand can take advantage of virtual worlds and the metaverse. It will be some time before this new landscape is ready to be fully explored, but it’s worth being prepared, especially as even now there are increasing opportunities to get involved with AR and VR.

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