November 11, 2021

The power of Instagram Add Yours

Instagram recently introduced a useful new sticker to boost engagement on Stories. ‘Add Yours’ lets users respond to your story with their own take on your content.

Their followers can then respond in their own story on the same theme, creating a chain of content linking back to your original story. 

If you pick an engaging enough idea, this could lead to viral success on par with some of the best viral TikTok trends. And we’ve already seen a great example of how to make an impact with Add Yours.

You might have seen the story of an account called Plant A Tree Co, which apparently promised to plant a tree for every photo of a pet users posted via the Add Yours sticker.

Environmentally conscious pet owners took to the challenge in their millions, leaving the account with the enormous task of planting more than 4 million trees. 

Given that the intentions of Plant A Tree Co have been questioned in the past, it’s easy to doubt whether they ever planned to follow through on their pledge. But whatever the truth in this particular case, it’s a clear demonstration of the power of the Add Yours sticker to enthuse an audience and gain incredible reach for inspiring, interactive campaigns.

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