November 24, 2021

Micro influencers and their macro effect

Whenever we scroll through our Instagram feed or we just want to watch funny videos on TikTok, it seems impossible not to come across an influencer campaign.
Vanessa Dassi
Vanessa Dassi

Content & Influencer Manager

Talent-led campaigns are the way to go when communicating with Millennials and Gen Z audiences. However, many brands are still unsure about influencer marketing and fear it may cost a fortune. 

Sure, Charli D’Amelio, PewDiePie and Chiara Ferragni are probably quite pricey and not within everyone’s reach, but working with the biggest names on the market is not the only strategy to meet your targets and to prove ROI. 

There are more and more brands who choose to work with micro influencers instead, whether they want to raise awareness or convert potential customers.

But who are micro influencers?  

To be honest, there is no exact definition. We can describe  a micro influencer as somebody with a reasonable online following on a particular social media channel who has developed a reputation for having a focused passion in some niche or topic of expertise.

A micro influencer’s audience is not huge. They usually have a following between 10K and 100K and because of that they are often underestimated. 

In fact, despite their small following, micro influencers can bring huge benefits to your brand campaign. 

As we work with both macro and micro influencers on many marketing campaigns, we can definitely say that micro influencers:

  • have great engagement rate
  • are usually cost effective
  • create good content
  • have an authentic relationship with their audience
  • talk to a niche audience 

Better ER%

Micro influencers are known for having a higher ER (usually around 5%) compared to macro influencers. This is because they actively interact with their audience, reply to comments, do Lives and post Q&As and Polls on their IG stories. 

To put the significance of this in context: a group of 10 micro influencers with an average of 5% engagement can deliver more engagement for your brand overall than a single macro influencer with a 2% engagement rate… and at a fraction of the price.

Cost Effective

Working with influencers doesn’t mean you have to spend all your campaign budget on it. Of course, the costs behind an influencer marketing campaign depend on a number of factors, including the type of influencer you decide to work with. However, spending big money on big influencers is not always a guarantee of success.

As mentioned above, ER and other metrics play a very important role when it comes to deciding who we would like to partner with. Interestingly enough, sometimes the smaller the influencer – the better metrics they have. As a matter of fact, brands are far more likely to come to some arrangement with micro influencers at a relatively affordable price than macro influencers.

They’re perfect partners for both brands looking to get into influencer marketing and brands who want to build a huge influencer marketing campaign.

Good content

Micro influencers have enough experience to create high-quality, professional content yet they are still in a stage of growth, which allows for maintaining a highly engaged community. 

They know how the platform works, what their audience likes and what they expect to see. 

Despite a moderate success, they are still in the process of creating a name for themselves and this may be what drives and motivates them to keep creating genuine content.

Authentic relationship

As we mentioned several times in this article, interacting with their audience and building a loyal relationship with their community is at the core of every micro influencer activity. They present themselves as friends and their promotional posts are often interpreted as word-of-mouth marketing.

Micro influencers can be a great creative resource when it comes to helping your brand attract and entice customers. 

Niche audience

Finally, micro influencers are specialists on a specific topic. They talk to a niche audience who shares their passions. They exchange insights and personal opinions on something they both love. This particular characteristic enables micro influencers to build an authentic relationship with their followers who consider them a reliable source of information.

Micro influencers are a nice balance between achieving a solid reach and finding a perfect audience for your product, playing a key role in converting potential customers.

In conclusion, choosing to work with micro influencers can be a smart move in your marketing strategy, whether you want to raise awareness or even convert new customers. 

They have the power to tap into niche communities where they are perceived as trusted opinion leaders; they have authentic relationships with their audience; they create awesome content which resonates with their audience; they become real brand ambassadors, giving in-depth opinions and insights about products and services; they get the job done on a budget and without compromising on quality or professionalism. 

All the above is a key contributor to why micro influencers often generate more direct sales and leads than macro influencers and to why you should consider starting to build micro influencers into your marketing mix.

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