November 26, 2021

Did you ‘Sing Your Dialect’ on Twitter Spaces?

Long gone are the days of loading up Singstar for PS2 to alleviate your karaoke needs at home. Thanks to Twitter, you can now sing (or obliterate) Jamelia’s “Superstar” to an audience of 150,000 online, for free.

Since then, we’ve had international hype from platforms like Clubhouse and others have been racing alongside to launch their own dedicated social audio features. Features like Twitter Spaces, Facebook Live Audio Rooms, Spotify Greenroom, and Discord Stages haven’t been around for long, but platforms are investing heavily in their success

But until very recently, this form of interactive, live event hadn’t really cut through to mainstream audiences.

That has changed with the incredible success of ‘Sing Your Dialect’ on Twitter Spaces. If only Simon Cowell had thought of this first. Started by a British 18-year-old, this live audio event challenged participants to sing karaoke in their own regional dialect.

It quickly caught on, attracting an audience of more than 150,000, reportedly including Barack Obama at one point. UK celebrities like rappers KSI and Lethal Bizzle, footballer Declan Rice, and TV presenter Rylan Clark-Neal took part with their own takes on hit songs (not always in tune). 

Social audio is still at a relatively early stage of development, and the tools for promoting, conducting, and measuring the success of live audio on platforms like Twitter and Facebook are limited. But the success of Sing Your Dialect shows that with the right idea at the right time, you can make a real impact with this emerging medium.

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