December 23, 2021

It’s time for a challenge – Snap style

Recent months have seen much controversy around organically-spread challenges on social media that promote dangerous activities

Remember the Milk Crate Challenge, for example? Now Snap is keen to promote challenges that are a little more wholesome and brand-safe.

Snap says it wants to amplify trends on Snapchat that are “positive, inclusive, creative, and engaging as opposed to those that are harmful.” To show what that means, the company has partnered with Kim Kardashian West and Kris Jenner to launch a new #KindnessChallenge drive, encouraging users to share videos of their acts of kindness.

The company wants users to submit these videos to Snapchat’s Spotlight feature, “whether it’s making someone a homemade meal, cleaning up your community, or simply surprising your loved ones with some unprompted compliments.”

The challenge is Snap’s latest to offer US-based users a share of a cash incentive if their video performs well. In this case, the prize pot is $100,000.

Snapchat has evaded much of the negative media coverage of social media’s ills in recent times, and Snap clearly wants to keep it that way. But it remains to be seen whether wholesome, uplifting challenges like this can be as consistently compelling as more edgy alternatives are to young social media audiences.

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