February 24, 2022

Snapchat lets brands reach for the Stars

Keeping up with the exciting opportunities that exist for brands on Snapchat is almost becoming a full-time job.

Most recently, the platform has begun testing ads within Stories from Snap Stars, which will give Snapchat creators with verified accounts and a large number of followers the opportunity to place ads within their Stories. These creators will then receive a slice of the revenue from the ads, which will be calculated based on posting frequency and engagement.

This is potentially big news for brands looking to reach creators’ large and engaged audiences via partnerships that feel more authentic.

Meanwhile, Snapchat has partnered with Ticketmaster to offer users a new way to discover live entertainment events within the Snap Map. Users will be directed to a survey to gauge their interests, before being shown upcoming shows based on their preferences. They’ll also see if friends have been matched with the same events, can invite friends to the event and can start a guestlist via chat.

two women embracing surrounded by crowd

So, in short, we have a new feature that builds buzz around events via people’s connections, and one that allows brands to engage audiences via more authentic partnerships with high-profile Snapchat creators.

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