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Investor News: AGM Statement

June 2019

Brave Bison (AIM: BBSN), the social video company, will hold its Annual General Meeting (‘AGM’) today. At the AGM Kate Burns, Chief Executive Officer, will make the following statement, highlighting the progress made so far in 2019 and the objectives for Brave Bison in the upcoming 6 months.

“It’s been almost 12 months since I joined Brave Bison and three months since I was appointed as CEO. During this time, I have been assessing who and what Brave Bison is, the key assets held by Brave Bison and the challenges and opportunities we face.

My aim is to make positive changes which will strengthen our business – then focus and grow. Building a business which is backed by data will be critical to driving the future of Brave Bison. This will ensure that we create and license content of the best quality which can be viewed by millions of people across all platforms. On the back of my evaluation, I have set the following objectives for the rest of 2019, and I look forward to providing updates in respect to the progress being made against each of these:

For original and exclusive content to be a majority across our key channels; To diversify revenue streams to ensure Brave Bison is not too dependent on one platform; and To increase the territorial reach of the APAC team.

Trading highlights so far in 2019 include growth in Youtube, Snapchat and the APAC region.  YouTube views are up year on year for the first time in a number of years driven by a combination of our largest existing clients such as PGA Tour, Tennis Australia and Lev Group Media and new clients such as European Tour and World Chase Tag. We continue to experiment with Snapchat – VTRND had 16.1m unique viewers and 305m topsnap views in only two months since launch. 

We are rebranding our four biggest Facebook pages; Super Crafty, VTRND, Blunt Kommunity and Daily Viral Stories in order to give the pages their own identities. We will concentrate on delivering content which exudes originality and exclusivity to resonate with the needs of their followers. The carefully selected imagery and colouring will allow the pages to stand out in a crowded and competitive space. As a business, we are adapting to the changing Facebook requirements and landscape to ensure the pages continue to grow and prosper. These are our biggest pages in terms of followers, so deserve our effort and attention. As part of our strategy to deliver sustainable and solid revenue streams we will be publishing more content on alternative platforms to Facebook such as Instagram, Snapchat and Youtube.

In APAC, we’ve won new business from SK-II, LEGO, Jaguar Landrover and British American Tobacco. We are continuing to investigate new territories in the APAC region and expand our revenue streams. Key territories we are targeting include Japan, which is hosting the Olympics in 2020. The APAC team continues to grow with a number of key hires and new roles created.

I am excited to deliver our plan to diversify Brave Bison’s revenue streams both in terms of the social platforms we work with and the geographies we operate in.  I would like to thank the Brave Bison team, shareholders and customers for their support and look forward to providing updates on the progress we are making towards achieving our objectives in the coming months.”

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