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Investor News: Brave Bison launches Slick on Snapchat Discover to 40M unique viewers

February 2020

Social video company Brave Bison, (AIM: BBSN), is pleased to announce the successful launch of its Snapchat show, Slick, which has attracted over 40M unique viewers in less than two months. Advertising executive Kate Burns, who was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Brave Bison in April 2019, has led a shift in focus to other platforms such as Snapchat, which has become a profitable revenue stream for the company through multiple successful shows.

Historically, the likes of Facebook and YouTube have offered publishers and content creators an established route into generating revenue. Snapchat, on the other hand, has seemed a less obvious choice. Recently, as the app continues to grow and evolve, untold success stories have emerged from early adopters of the platform. Understanding the importance of adapting to new platforms, Brave Bison took the time to understand the unique environment of Snapchat Discover, which has led to a string of successes.

In 2019, Brave Bison launched Slick – a show aimed at a young audience, focused on male grooming. The show features a hand-picked selection of the most engaged-with content and creators, repurposed specifically for Snapchat. For Slick, Brave Bison opted to sustain and grow its programming organically within the Snapchat Discover model.
This strategy proved successful for Brave Bison. Within months, the company has seen enormous growth on the platform, launching 4 shows to date. Slick has already reached 40M unique viewers since launch on December 2nd 2019 (for reference the Buzzfeed UK website receives 18M unique users per month). It has built up 2M subscribers within 4 weeks from launch, reaching a highly engaged 13-24 year-old male audience. The launch of Slick is one of many examples of the success of Brave Bison on Snapchat, creating content that engages the coveted Gen Z audience.

Kate Burns comments: “We had strong faith in Snapchat, which led us to a period of experimentation on the platform. We started experimenting with what the audience wanted and tailoring the content specifically to that need. Within just 6 months we have built a strong net revenue advertising business on Snapchat Discover. The fast success of Slick shows how effective the platform can be for content makers when all components are in place.”

By finding success on platforms such as Snapchat Discover, Brave Bison continues to operate in a dynamic manner where it can understand and adapt to new social platforms.

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