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Investor News: Mutha and Perk

July 2018

Brave Bison, the social video company, today announces its plans to launch two new multi-platform channels, Mutha and Perk. Due to launch in August 2018, the two channels will help brands connect with an audience of consumers, aged 16-34, on the themes of sustainability and conscious living through Mutha, and work and careers through Perk. They are an exciting addition to the Company's existing portfolio of 18 successful owned and operated social media communities across Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

The creation of the two channels follows extensive research by Brave Bison that led the Company to look at two areas that are underserved versus audience demand, as well as having enormous potential to serve the objectives of major brands and organisations. The channels will work with established influencers as well as a cast of everyday people to educate and inspire behaviour change through the vehicle of entertainment, continuing Brave Bison's mission to create content with a purpose.


Mutha will celebrate sustainable and conscious living, working with organisations, brands and individuals to create content that celebrates taking positive action to inspire its audience into behaviour change; an antidote to much of today's negative media narrative on the subject. Total multi-platform viewing globally for sustainability is around one billion per month[1]and 85%[2] of Gen Z and millennials say they always or sometimes buy from brands that support causes they believe in and nearly nine in ten say that buying products from brands that have ‘social good’ components makes them feel better about spending money.

Mutha's kick-off will include a focus on the United Nations Environment Programme, which has an aligned agenda in this space; namely working for a healthy and more resilient natural environment and climate, with better jobs, less pollution and improved lives for people. Some of UN Environment's work can be seen in its Tiny House initiative, currently exhibiting in New York, which showcases sustainable design that provides quality, affordable housing while limiting the overuse of natural resources and protecting against climate change.


Perk will celebrate individuals who have found their work niche in order to inspire a future generation of workers, all through a lens focused on entertaining and real people. Gen Z is the most entrepreneurial generation and many companies are struggling to attract young talent who reject what they see as the traditional corporate model of work which lacks a sense of purpose and individualism. 76% of Gen Z would describe themselves as responsible for driving their career and while salary is important to this group, 74% rank purpose ahead of a paycheck (70% for millennials)[3].

Both Mutha and Perk will offer a range of hero, hub and hygiene content, creating short newsfeed content as well as longer, presenter-led formats with a strong focus on people and their experiences.

The new channels increase Brave Bison's existing portfolio of 18 successful owned and operated social media communities across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Brave Bison's properties, including Slash Football, Viral Vault, Rebel FC, Canvas, Viral TRND and Superviral TV and reach over 1 billion people a week. According to the global leaderboard of Most Views by Media and Entertainment Properties produced by Tubular Labs, the leading global video measurement and analytics platform, Brave Bison's channels on Facebook and YouTube had more than 5.6 billion views in May 2018. Over the last quarter, the leaderboard has made Brave Bison on average the fourth biggest global media publisher.

Claire Hungate, CEO of Brave Bison, commented:

The launch of Mutha and Perk will give brands the opportunity to reach Gen Z and millennial consumers on topics we know they are interested in and passionate about. The channels will benefit from Brave Bison's proven, creative expertise in producing exciting and engaging content aimed at this audience.

We want Mutha to be a celebration, shining a light on the people and companies who are taking action to make the world a better place to inspire everyone else to do the same. Sustainability is high on the agenda of many companies who recognise that young consumers often make purchasing decisions on the back of their perception of the environmental credentials of an organisation.

Perk will provide a voice for those young individuals who are smashing their careers by finding their niche and building their brand. We want the result to be an inspiration for our future workforce who don't want patronising careers advice from corporations. It is an opportunity for companies to connect themselves to content about young entrepreneurial workers, or perkers, and establish themselves as places these people will want to work.

The channels are another step in delivering our new strategy. We want to build on our strength in working with brands, creators and platforms to create, distribute and monetise video that’s fit for a digital world. Our owned and operated portfolio of channels is key to this. These platforms not only provide brand-safe distribution channels but are also revenue-generating in their own right.

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