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Sport on YouTube: Reaching the Next Level

November 2023 • Media Network

Over the last few years, Brave Bison’s Sports Team has reached to the top and seen incredible success in growing a range of high-profile sports partners’ channels on YouTube.

We specialise in working with governing bodies, rights holders and tournaments, including in tennis, golf, motorsport and cricket. On average, our major sports clients’ channels grow by 231% in views, 158% in subscribers and 398% in revenue in our first year of working with them. Here’s why…

Services for Success

Our services vary depending on our partners’ goals but include account management, content strategy, consultancy, editing, production, rights management, optimisations, assessing sponsorship opportunities, live stream management and producing audits/reports. When it comes to sports in particular, we recognise the value of working with our clients to navigate broadcast restrictions, manage user-generating content, protect sponsors and publish the best possible highlights, compilations and reactive content. During action-packed sports events and throughout the year, staying on top of everything YouTube has to offer can often seem overwhelming, but we have you covered.

Harnessing new features

An essential part of our role is quickly adapting to YouTube’s latest features to maximise growth and tailor content to match updates. For example, since YouTube Shorts were introduced, they have generated over 1 billion views and 1 million subscribers across our partners’ channels. By analysing content types, duration and key metrics across multiple sports Shorts, we’ve nailed our strategy, to understand the specifics of what works for which sports and why. In the last couple of years, this has played a major role in our partners’ audiences growing significantly, outperforming their competitors. More recently, one of our key areas of focus has been in utilising the power of AI. As well as using AI to produce the likes of highlights and compilations, it can also be incredibly useful for making content increasingly accessible to a global audience through subtitles.

Example of growth

We are fortunate to work with three high-profile tennis clients, including two Grand Slam tournaments. Since we began working closely with each Grand Slam, they’ve grown significantly and at a far higher rate than their competitors. For example, one channel has grown by 473% in views and 207% in subscribers since September 2020.
That’s 245% more views and 82% more subscribers than any of its competitors.
Developing a bespoke content strategy, reviewing performance and employing best practices have contributed to this growth, with highlights videos generating over 3 million views and a Short reaching over 120 million views.

What sets us apart?

As well as being the world’s best when it comes to YouTube for golf and tennis, we have experience working on over 15 sports. Our Channel Management, Rights Management and Ad Operations teams provide specialist support while working together collectively to take your channel to the next level. We also have the ability to provide further services in performance, commerce, media and social and influencer through our four business units, allowing you to have all your digital marketing needs supported by one company.
If you're ready to reach the top with YouTube, then drop us a line.

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