The Wave House is the UK’s biggest and best-known creator house!

The Wave House brings together the most exciting new content creators to make a reality show for the TikTok generation.

With a following of 4.1 million on TikTok alone, The Wave House reimagines entertainment for global Gen Z audiences, all set in a $20 million luxury property near London. The mansion hosts both British and American TikTok influencers including the likes of Ehiz, Jimbo Hall and Reagan Yorke.

You can catch a new episode every Friday, where our TikTok stars take on fun and nail-biting challenges on YouTube. As well as the weekly reality show, regular videos are uploaded to The Wave House TikTok account, and the Wave House members also broadcast over their own TikTok, YouTube and Instagram channels.  


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Race to a $20 Million Mansion

TikTok House CRINGE Challenges

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