The most relaxing ASMR and oddly satisfying videos on the planet.

In 2019, we launched VSatisfying on Snapchat Discover, delving into the world of weird and wonderful things that we all find satisfying. Whether that be ASMR, sand cutting or crushing your favourite childhood toys with a car, VSatisfying offers it all.

By connecting with a huge roster of diverse creators in our network, we produce content that highlights the most satisfying content across social.

Since the show’s launch, our dedicated team have been steadily building this brand to enter an already successful vertical with our own form of satisfying that rivals the best in show content currently out there.

We have accrued an audience we know best totalling 3.1m subscribers, 615k daily uniques and 8m monthly views. VSatisfying is one of Brave Bison’s top performing O&O channels and is moving from strength to strength!




Daily uniques


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