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The currency of trust with Stripe

Getting the checkout experience right can mark the difference between a successful sale and an abandoned cart, yet many businesses fail to make payments a part of their commerce strategy—even when it has a direct impact on revenue. What should your business consider ensuring it doesn't overlook or neglect the payment experience as part of their overall commerce strategy?

In a world where composable commerce is making seamless customer experience table stakes for retailers, ensuring minimal friction at checkout is key to not only building trust but increasing customer loyalty over time.

For one, Dave Nisbet, Agency Ecosystem of Partnerships, EMEA at Stripe says: “Not that many people outside of the US pay on credit cards. In fact, outside of the US above 50% want to use local payment methods and the ability to offer those local payment methods will dramatically increase your conversation rate.”

In this session, Stripe will share best practices for building the currency of trust gleaned from their experience partnering with 3 million customers worldwide. You’ll learn:

  • Why payment experience is customer experience.

  • Best practices for checkout optimisation.

  • How to build trust and safeguard your brand.

  • How to use to transactional data to increase customer loyalty.

  • How to turn trust into recurring revenue streams

If you missed out on the day, you can watch the entire recording below.



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