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Killing it with video for the Alofoke Radio star

Alofoke Radio

In 2014 Santiago Matías, the host of the Alofoke Radio Show, tasked us with optimising his YouTube channel to grow views and subscribers. We’ve been partnering with Alofoke ever since.


Content strategy

Channel management

Digital rights management

Business development

Creative development



Attract more viewers and subscribers to the Alofoke YouTube channel. Drive revenue by monetising content, bridging the gap between creative and business development.


We worked closely with Santiago as he took Alofoke off the airwaves and made it an exclusive YouTube phenomenon. Since starting our collaboration, we have helped him develop four rapidly growing channels, with different shows featuring the biggest names in the Urbano music scene.

As Santiago’s partner and consultant, we play a key role in managing his YouTube channel portfolio and providing strategic support. We develop new brands and content, attracting new subscribers while retaining the existing ones.

Our approach

We go beyond YouTube to identify opportunities on other digital platforms, growing the brand year-on-year. In 2020, we launched Alofoke’s first E-commerce offering. Santiago is so happy with our results that he renewed our partnership in 2020 for at least another two years.

The results

+2.8 million subscribers

+791 million total views

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