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Driving performance for PGA Tour

PGA Tour

Service: Media Network

PGA Tour put us in charge of their premium YouTube channel back in 2017. Since taking over, we’ve been driving up views, subscribers and revenue year on year.




Channel management strategy

Digital rights management

Content strategy


Develop a strategy to unleash the true potential of the PGA Tour’s existing YouTube channel, using data-driven content to engage fans and rights management to grow revenue.


Combining PGA Tour’s golf expertise with our platform know-how has allowed us to keep innovating. We combine data-driven content creation with best-practice publishing tactics that fans love, share, watch and rewatch. 

This strategic partnership has grown the subscriber base from 245k to 974k. While our content strategy and channel management techniques have supercharged the channel’s views, watch time and advertising revenue. 2022 saw the channel clear 1 billion views!

Our approach

Our rights management and revenue strategy focused on a powerful resource: user-generated content (UGC). When a star like Tiger Woods plays, videos of his performance are uploaded and re-uploaded hundreds of times. As the rights holder, the PGA Tour can claim and monetise those videos, generating revenue through ads. The result? A massive bank of user-generated content, generating revenue and driving viewers towards official channels.

The results

+15% watch time

+30% subscribers

+52% views

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