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Breaking the UK for Rapyd


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Our challenge from Rapyd was to bring their game-changing payment system to the UK business community across paid and organic media.  





Social & Influencer


Rapyd asked us to devise a thumb-stopping, eyeball-popping campaign to break their brand to the UK business audience. They’re a complex business, so we needed to embrace that complexity to drive awareness as a base for their growth. 

The campaign needed a theme that would work in paid and organic comms, where each social channel would have a natively written execution for it. An Instagram ad that looked like Instagram, YouTube for YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn too. There was a huge out-of-home push and a heavyweight influencer piece. It was a campaign of many moving parts.  

What’s more is we needed to do it fast (Rapyd by name, rapid by nature). We had just a handful of weeks to get the campaign out in the wild. 


Rapyd are a complex business in a crowded market, so we embraced that complexity and went about making it easy for people to understand.  

 They’re also a bold and ambitious company, not scared of controversy. So, we agreed on a simple campaign strategy: to provoke.   

 With super low fees and speedy payouts, our idea was that Rapyd offers businesses such a massive unfair advantage that shouldn’t really be allowed. For paid social, a newsroom seemed a good vehicle to carry the idea, so we hired a Huw Edwards lookylikey and made a lot of ads to break the news of Rapyd’s arrival. For the Influencer strand, we worked with macro names including Steven Bartlett and Grace Beverley, and then a host of micro names to spread our message to the right eyes and ears.  

Our approach

At the time of the campaign, Boris was a gift with party-gate peaking. For Meta, we wrote reactive and impactful creative as delivered by our news anchor. In another strand, we wrote meme ads that worked the best of all. For YouTube, our newscaster turned his hand to creating his own YT news show.  

The work ran the length and breadth of the UK on out-of-home media, which demanded its own version of the newsroom creative execution.  

This wasn’t business-to-business as usual. Small business owners are consumers too, so our approach had to use the same familiar mechanics that get thumbs to stop mid-scroll. Combining a roster of Mega influencers, like Steven Bartlett and smaller-scale independents like Daisy Tempest, we delivered both reach and hyper-relevance.  

Most importantly of all, we worked in a fast, iterative and totally collaborative way with our client, who are true partners in everything we do together. 



The results

3.9m views in one month from influencer campaign

+3-5x increase in Engagement Rate 

+32%increase in CTRs

+188% increase in sign-ups 

-50% decrease in CPA 

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