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Defining budgets and optimising spend with data-driven attribution



Measurement and Reporting


Bionic, a leading comparison site for SMEs, turned to Brave Bison to help them move away from their reliance on last click attribution.


Traditionally Bionic had relied on Salesforce data that was fully integrated into Google Analytics. However, this approach only attributed leads to the last click, completely ignoring the impact of mid and upper levels of the sales funnel.

We implemented a new system that could integrate with Salesforce and provide Bionic with the valuable data they needed to see the whole picture.

Our approach

We took a two-pronged approach in order to provide Bionic with the information they needed to get a full picture of their marketing efforts.  The first stage was to establish a baseline view of performance on a last-interaction basis. This was created by integrating Campaign Manager 360 with Salesforce. The second, was to feed this data into a complex attribution model that could determine where the click had originated from.  Finally, this data was visualised through our proprietary dashboard, Nutshell, that gave Bionic the ability to calculate the optimal spend per channel so that they could allocate their budgets more effectively. 

The results

The client can now effectively track the contribution of mid and upper funnel tactics and justify the investments going through them.

15% more incremental leads delivered through reallocating budget.

The attribution model was used as the benchmark for build on other measurement approaches such as econometrics to allow accounting for ATL investments.

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