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Playing Santa: 15% increase in sales for ghd


ghd challenged us with improving sales over the ultra-competitive Christmas period. By making it easy for people to drop gift hints – along with strategic retargeting – we achieved an uplift of 15% in direct sales.



Campaign creation

Amplification and optimisation


Devise and run a campaign to drive targeted traffic and convert browsers to buyers over the festive period. Our goals were to achieve 24 million impressions, reach 7 million unique users and increase sales directly via ghd’s website.


We knew millions of people had ghd products on their Christmas wish lists. So we made it easy for them to send a hint to their loved ones. We targeted the “Giftee’s” with ads; sending them to the site to pick a gift. We prompted them to send a hint via email to their “Gifters”, the people who needed a gift idea.

The hint emails sent to gifters via ghd’s website allowed us to identify them through first-party data stored in cookies. Then we targeted them with Dynamic Product Ads featuring their giftee’s chosen product.

We also used sequential retargeting to drive the giftees’ engagement with ghd’s site and social platforms.

Our approach

By finding our two sets of audiences  – ‘Giftees’ and ‘Gifters’ – we made playing Santa easy and fun. Retargeting pixels and Dynamic Product Tags throughout ghd’s site and email communications allowed us to keep dropping handy, helpful hints. 

The results

10 million unique users reached

95% increase in CTR, significantly surpassing forecasts

15% increase in sales

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