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Uplifting sales for Legal & General

Legal & General

Service: Performance

Finance is super-competitive, so could we increase conversions from L&G’s paid search? Yep. We delivered a 500% uplift.



campaign creation

amplification and optimisation


Devise an innovative new strategy to drive more applications and increase customer loyalty in the increasingly crowded finance industry.


We took audience targeting to the next level by identifying 7 potential customer segments and analysing the ‘psychological intent’ behind their search. This rich data allowed us to create hyper-targeted campaigns and ad copy. We then tweaked the ad groups within two of L&G’s highest traffic-driving campaigns to fit these profiles. 

We coined the term ‘Psychology Strand’ to describe this campaign. As part of the process, we compared the performance of these campaigns with the ones aimed at a general audience. The end result was an impressive 500% increase in conversion rate.

Our approach


Our priority was understanding L&G’s actual and potential audience. By understanding their psychological intent and key characteristics, we could create a campaign that outperformed the rest.

The results

+280% increase in completed applications

–80% reduced CPA

+215% investment value for people converted via our campaigns

+1098% increase in revenue

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