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Smashing Black Friday for New Balance

New Balance

Service: Performance

Our challenge: Increase Black Friday sales for New Balance across three main markets. Not only did we succeed, but we also smashed our target by 30%.



Campaign creation

Amplification and optimisation


Drive incremental revenue for New Balance at a return on ad spend (ROAS) of 3.6 across the United Kingdom, Germany, and France.


We aligned our creative with audience testing by taking a granular approach, serving custom creatives to men and women. Where the viewer’s gender was unknown, we rotated banner types was also reflected in the campaign architecture. Integrating with GA360 allowed us to launch the campaign quickly, without wasting time on ‘learning’ phases. This meant that we didn’t lose a moment of the crucial Black Friday weekend. 

Our approach

Granular audience segmentation, momentum and optimisation delivering additional revenue over the hyper-competitive Black Friday weekend. 

The results

Drove an ROI of 4.58 - 30% higher than our goal, with 46% lower CPA

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