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How we built brand awareness for a game-changing baby monitor



Programmatic Display


Content Partnerships



We worked with Owlet, who empower parents with smart sleep tracking products, to help build their brand and give even more parents peace of mind. In a market where trust is everything, we were challenged to not only build Owlet’s profile but add to their credibility.


Operating across Europe, the Brave Bison team conducted extensive research to identify and collaborate with key influencers and audio partners. Our strategy centred on targeting mothers-to-be through podcasts and traditional radio. By partnering with prominent hosts who were currently pregnant, or had recently given birth, we were able to build trust at the same time as boosting awareness.

The personal approach was key to the campaign, and we specifically targeted titles with loyal listeners and hosts who shared their audience’s experiences.

Our approach

Launching on Mother’s Day 2022, we sponsored ads on shows such as Mum’s The Word, Is It Normal, Spinning Plates, Made by Mammas and Happy Mum Happy Baby. Where possible we used the hosts themselves to provide the voiceovers as well as offering show-specific discount codes to better engage with tightknit audiences.

The same approach was also replicated in Germany by partnering with Eltern, one of the country’s leading parenting media publishers, as well as placing content on national TV channels. Finally, we dovetailed our campaign with programmatic display activity specifically targeted to users who had engaged with our content in order to drive them further down the funnel.

The results

137% uplift in overall Owlet web searches in Germany.

25% increase in UK web searches.

95%+ listen-through rate of podcast ads.

98% Video Completions on VOD activity.

1%+ conversion rate, which was 54% above the benchmark.

34% increase in visits to Owlet content pages.

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