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Data is king in the programmatic display team, it leads us and informs our strategies. All activity takes place in-house, providing you full transparency, and with no spend commitments, we offer complete flexibility.

Fahmi Mohammed
Director Of Performance Media


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Your audience is our number one priority when it comes to programmatic, and our optimisable approach ensures your budgets are spent on tactics that pack a punch in flexible, measurable ways. We prefer brand attention over impressions, experiences in place of devices, multi-touch attribution instead of last click and revenue rather than clickthroughs.

Performance Display​

With Performance Display, we lift the load by investing in media, resources, and cutting-edge tech. Once we lock in the measurement model and tracking, you only pay when we hit the numbers we agree on - a fixed cost per sale or a slice of the revenue. Our strategy is full funnel, snaring fresh audiences and those on the verge of converting, always looking to maximise and make gains.

Retail Media​

Retail Media has stepped into the spotlight, with the UK market trending like a hockey stick. As brand loyalty wanes, retail 'spaces' present ready-to-buy customers with choices, letting you seize simmering demand. Third-party cookies are dead, so we harness retail sales data for pinpoint targeting through first-party data, augmented with zero party data from generative AI.

Affiliate Marketing​

If you're new to affiliate marketing, seeking a change from in-house management, or dissatisfied with your current provider, our team of experts will collaborate to develop a tailored program for you. We understand that everyone has unique needs and no one-size-fits-all solution is universally effective. As a result, we offer flexibility in our strategies, recommendations, and fee structures.

Performance Creative​

With our display focus weighted on brand metrics, we spend necessary time on strategy and platforming your brand message to chime with your audiences. These are complex and wide-ranging groups of people, so we augment our workflow with AI technologies to personalise messages and build campaigns at scale and speed to reach them. Then we lean of the same tech to learn and iterate.



Fahmi Mohammed

Director of Performance Media


Callen Johnson

Trading Director


Danny Haynes

Programmatic Strategy Director


Kendra Downton

Programmatic Strategist


Doron Hassall

Affiliate Manager


"Brave Bison did an incredible job in driving incremental value and has given us confidence in Display as a channel. They’ve learnt our business well and built a model that fits in our business requirements to get the best out of the Display channel. Fahmi, Callen and the Display team at Brave Bison are passionate, driven experts who have also taken the time to educate us on the journey and been transparent in their approach. We’re miles ahead in what we’re doing in the Display space from where we were 3 years ago."

Zeynel Oruk
General Manager Ecommerce EMEA
New Balance

I'd highly recommend Brave Bison for brand media. Their performance background gives an added layer of insight and analysis to any brand awareness campaign. They continue to push the boundaries with creative ideas, new partners, and new platform suggestions, always coming to us with new ways of reaching our customers. The team are an extended arm of our brands family, and they continue to strive for the best customer experience through brand media at all times.

Rachel Howarth
Head of Brand Marketing, Europe
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