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“We specialise in organic growth SEO starting with the fundamentals of technical and content auditing, through to complex projects such as new site builds, challenging site migrations and internationalised content strategies.”

Chris Alderman
Head of SEO & Digital PR


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Technical SEO​

We deliver top-notch consultancy in all aspects of SEO. From migration support and content strategy guidance to taxonomy reviews and troubleshooting, we aim to deliver rapid results. We tailor strategies to gain maximum growth for clients. We saw the significance of user signals in SEO early, and integrated Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and User Experience (UX) into our services.

Digital PR​

We take a layered approach to our digital PR activity, ensuring brands are given a consistent stream of links which aim to boost and support SEO KPIs. Not only this, but the digital PR services we provide also help improve online visibility and authority by platforming clients as experts within their field, only putting out material relevant to their core business offering and values.

Content Stategy​

Data plays a vital role in shaping the most effective strategic approach. Working with audience and search data coupled with generative AI zero party data, we acquire a deeper understanding of brands and their audiences. This audience-first, data-centred approach gives us the grounding to plan and deliver content that genuinely resonates with the brand and its people.


With years of performance experience behind us, our copy team is a special blend of left and right-brained wordsmiths and SEO experts. Words must work hard—ours are briefed from a selection of data points including your first party data and other sources from our various tools. Generative AI is one of those, helping us to plan and create your copy efficiently, while being overseen by us humans.

Generative AI Copy

Catching the generative AI wave early, we built our own copy bot in 2021. Dubbed ‘Bison Bot’ and platformed on OpenAI, our tool generates human-like text tailored to your brand. After training the AI on approved client copy, it can write in your brand tone of voice, content structure, and ensure search optimization. And, since it’s our own software, client data remains in our own secure domain.


Our design team brings our content to life. Woven deeply into our overarching SEO And Digital PR team, we bring campaigns to life and play our part in delivering attention, engagement and trust facor. We do it with all forms of visual communication—graphics, video, games and beautiful data visualisations.



Chris Alderman

Head of SEO & DPR


Lucia Navarro

SEO Performance Director



Digital PR Lead


Lou McFetridge

Head of Content


Matt Garbutt

Creative Director


Evi Sianna

Senior Content Performance Director


“The New Balance UK Running Blog is the result of a 6 month project led by Brave Bison in partnership with several NB stakeholders. This blog represents a great milestone for NB Running & EMEA as well as a leading example of how New Balance can grow authority in the Running space and build its credibility with new as well as existing customers.

Working with the Brave Bison Team has been an absolute pleasure! Their hard work, attention to detail and ongoing support throughout the whole project – from the initial copy briefing to the final building and implementation of the blog & QA - has been tremendous. Our immediate next step will be to launch a Running Blog on our DE site, and we are very much looking forward to continue partnering with Brave Bison on this!”

Teresa Bovo
Teresa Bovo
E-Commerce Operations Manager, EMEA
New Balance

Against the backdrop of a particularly tight and challenging timeframe and with tough targets to meet, Brave Bison delivered results in excess of the goals we set – and all within deadline and budget. The strategy deployed to determine the optimum outcome and the execution of each part of the campaign was exceptional. What may have appeared simple on the surface was deceptively complex, clever and concise. We now have every confidence that we are truly en route to achieving our goal of becoming the leading player in this sector.

Amish Mehta
Senior SEO Manager
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