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Land and expand in the UK for Rapyd


Q: How do you reach small businesses that don’t know your brand exists, and then get them to care about a low-interest category?  

A: You break the old B2B rules and meet the audience where they are. 


Influencer Marketing


Small businesses use social for operations and a source of inspiration, information, and influence. Rapyd wanted a piece of this B2B social trend with an influencer campaign that would pay back with immediate and future demand for the brand. 

 Rapyd’s payment solution is new and bristling with benefits, but to the uninitiated, it’s a lot. Our paid social campaign was running on a creative platform called “It Shouldn’t Be Allowed”. So, to deliver growth for our client, we needed to be on the same message and to make the complex, simple. 


Rapyd can save you a lot of money if your business takes payments online. D2C commerce has ballooned in the last few years so that’s a big potential audience.  

This meant we faced a familiar challenge. If our influencer selection was too narrow, SMBs would think Rapyd is a specialised solution, killing the awareness and salience we needed. If we went too wide, we’d suffer from a lack of relevance.  

Our answer? A special blend of Macro, Micro and Nano SMB influencers that gave us reach and relevance for the brand across several different SMB verticals. We worked with businesses selling handcrafted goods, subscription services and authors. They had to be able to speak genuinely about their Rapyd experience. 

Our approach

B2B plays often focus on LinkedIn and CRM. But more and more, business owners are on Instagram and TikTok, where they can discover and be discovered more easily. That’s where we went. 

Steven Bartlett heroed the campaign, giving us our voice for inspiration. Our SMB community trust Steven and the campaign synced with his successful podcast ‘Diary of a CEO’. His Rapyd TikToks pulled a whopping 5.8 million views. 

But given his success, Steven isn’t in the same daily challenges that SMBs face, things like cash flow, website technicals etc. This is where our SMB creators stepped up to talk about the opportunities created by product benefits like same-day settlements and international expansion potential, as enabled by Rapyd’s global payments. 

Our approach led to a very successful campaign (check the numbers below) but there was another ingredient that was crucial for the win. That’s our relationship with our client which is open, hugely collaborative and respectful. This meant we could deal with the complexities, move fast and ultimately, build the Rapyd platform for growth in the UK. 


The results

Activated across TikTok, Instagram and LinkedIn 

6.3M Impressions across the activation campaign

51.6K Total engagements across the influencer content

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Land and expand in the UK for Rapyd