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2023: The Year of the AI Whisperers

March 2023 -

When our Creative Director, Matt Garbutt, was asked to write a blog for Brave Bison’s blog in October 2022 on the prospect of AI, he felt time was on his side.

“I wrote this blog and I was a bit ‘meh’ about the whole thing!” Even though Brave Bison’s Special Ops team had already developed their own Generative AI tool for short and long form copy, I felt that available AI tooling was missing too much of a human element.”

“It was interesting, but I felt our jobs were safe. And then…the world changed.”

Not long after Matt’s blog, Midjourney released its Version 4 and ChatGPT was unveiled to the world. Everything had changed and within weeks, Matt has now adopted AI heavily into his own workflow and in his latest blog, less than 3 months later, is in a completely different place. Psst, insight below into some of Matt's own 'exploration' into AI.

“I still think this is an augmentation of us, I don’t think it replaces us. But I am extremely open-minded on it now because I feel strongly that if I don’t work with it then I, and by extension we, will very quickly become obsolete.”

And he has a big prediction for this year: AI Whisperers will be the in-demand skill set.


  • “Getting the results that you’re looking for is not as simple as just typing a random sentence of what you’re after. It will not get you the desired results.”

  • “It’s about the constructs, the emphasis and the weighting that you put on different elements of your prompt, and how you construct the design and build your prompts. It’s a case of iterating and developing your prompt to work with the machine to get the picture that you started out with in your head.”

  • “People with a creative background will stay, if not ahead of the curve, they’ll certainly be the cream at the top because their visuals will look a lot better than the average users.”

And as Matt says, that means getting on board now or risk being left behind “I do think that people who are adopting it and starting to work with it – they will be in demand as the curve steepens.”

So how long until that curve steepens? And how much will change in the next three months?

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