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A sports rights holder’s guide to growing fandom in the digital age

March 2024 - Media Network • Guides

In the ever-evolving world of sports content, there are an increasing number of platforms, tools and options for rights holders to consider. As digital content is becoming more valuable and central to any rights holder’s wider fan engagement strategy, implementing the best approach for growth has never been more important. For the biggest rights holders, the demands on in-house digital and content teams have increased dramatically.

It is no longer the case that a small team can effectively tackle multiple platforms at once.
To really increase not just platform metrics but also the scale of their event or even the sport as a whole, rights holders must invest in their digital teams so that each platform’s potential is fully maximised.

The key to achieving this is having
platform experts, not just wider digital
or content individuals. With the world
watching more videos online and less
traditional broadcast television, rights
holders must recognize and adapt to
consumer behaviour in order to succeed.
Although it may seem complicated,
such dramatic changes in the way sports
content is consumed present huge
growth opportunities and with an
effective strategy, these opportunities
can lead to unlimited growth.

At Brave Bison, we’ve been helping the world’s biggest rights holders capitalize on emerging platforms and cutting-edge digital content strategy to grow their fanbases for years.

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