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AI. Curious? The Whitepaper.

February 2023 - Performance • Guides

We’re revealing all as we dive into the world of AI.

We also give you the lowdown on how we built our very own Bison Bot, which creates long-form, optimised copy for our clients.

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If the current pace of AI development, news and tools feels a bit overwhelming, you’re not alone. What to use, how to use it, where to start?

Events don’t have to overtake us, humans still lead the machine. But we do need to make smart decisions on how, what and most importantly, why we use AI. Because AI won't replace you, someone who uses it will.

Meet the Experts:

Matt Garbutt, Creative Director
Adam Bunn, Special Projects
Chris Alderman, Head of SEO
Mark Byrne, Head of Paid Search and Social
Ross Wilson, Technical Lead
Navya Hebbar - Data Strategist

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