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the new strategic frontier

July 2024 - Guides • News

In line with our mission to capitalise on complexity, we've been exploring how AI-generated insight can lead us to the new frontier of marketing and drive the best possible value for our clients.

Why? Because in today’s fragmented digital landscape, brands need to know their audiences better than ever. But developing an effective audience-first strategy is proving increasingly costly for brands of all sizes – in more ways than one.

So, how can we keep pace? To address this challenge, we leveraged our expertise in marketing, strategic planning and AI and developed AudienceGPT.

It’s our proprietary AI tool that bridges the gap between meticulous strategic planning and the need for rapid, data-driven decision-making. In this research report, find out:

  • How AudienceGPT can aid discovery, consideration and advocacy throughout the customer journey

  • The use cases of AudienceGPT for brands across a range of scenarios

  • Our learnings from our research so far, plus what the future holds for AI and our groundbreaking proprietary tools

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