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Alofoke extends Channel Management Contract into 9th and 10th years

April 2023 - Media Network • News

We're thrilled to announce our contract renewal with Alofoke Media Music Group, which is now reaching its 9th and 10th years.

Alofoke Media Music Group, one of the World’s premier Urbano Music entertainment companies, is renewing its contract with our YouTube channel management team for a further 2 years, continuing to bring their expanding audience the content they love.

Since collaborating with us, Alofoke has experienced tremendous growth, expanding its reach to millions of music enthusiasts, and solidifying its position as a leading voice in the Urbano Music landscape.

The partnership's success is attributed to the strategic, data-driven approach and innovative content strategies that have evolved through the partnership. Alofoke’s network of YouTube channels has grown to 10 with monthly viewing figures now surpassing 50 million.

In the last 6 months, The Alofoke Radio Show has become the most-watched live-stream entertainment show in LATAM on YouTube, with an average concurrent viewership of 100K. This puts Alofoke in line with the biggest creators in Spanish Worldwide. 



"Alofoke Music Media Group is delighted to announce the renewal of our two-year collaboration with Brave Bison,” said Santiago Matías, Founder and CEO.

“Our association with Brave Bison spans several years of partnership, which has made us feel like family. The incredible effort and commitment of the Brave Bison team towards our channels have been outstanding, and we have attained remarkable growth within just a few years. We consider having a team like Brave Bison supporting us as one of our secret ingredients for success. Our viewers and subscribers hold a significant position in our priorities, and we make every effort to offer them the best quality content. Working alongside a team with similar priorities always brings me immense happiness. Let's raise a toast for the next 2 years and many more to come" 

 As part of the extended contract, we will continue to manage Alofoke's YouTube channels, ensuring the delivery of engaging and high-quality content to their growing fan base. Additionally, the agency will provide ongoing strategic support, assisting Alofoke in identifying trends and maximising revenue opportunities across various digital platforms.  

Alofoke’s success has led to artists and celebrities from across the Spanish speaking world asking to be featured on the channels. From the most streamed artist in the world, Bad Bunny to the President of the Dominican Republic. In the last year they have built on the merch portfolio they started with Brave Bison and now offer their own brand of beer following the successful launch of Cerveza República. 



Adam Raw, VP of the Brave Bison Media Network commented, "We are delighted to renew our partnership with Alofoke which will take us beyond a decade of working together. Santiago Matias is a true digital innovator and we’re excited to continue being able to support him wherever he wants to go next. It’s a pleasure to work with a content creator with such a vision for staying ahead of the curve through cutting-edge content. We're excited to see what the future holds and are committed to helping them reach even greater heights."  

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