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Announcing Our New Snapchat Show: ‘Say What?!’

June 2022 - Media Network • News

New Snap Show

We’re super excited to announce the arrival of our newest Snapchat show, 'SayWhat?!'
Snapchat briefed us to provide a show that was topical to world events as they happen, that speaks to the Gen Z audience. Which is where the idea for Say What?! was born. This is the 14th show to be added to our ever expanding roster of binge worthy, thumb stopping video content.
The latest show, which we produce in-house, sees our presenter take to the streets of London to ask real people what they think about real things that are happening now!

The pilot episode, which aired this week, asks the public of London ‘is it ever ok to cheat?’, and the public didn’t disappoint.

Head of Snapchat, Nathan Aspell writes:

“It is becoming more and more important for our Snapchat team to feel inspired to create content from concept all the way through to publishing. Say What?! is a new show for our team to show off their creative skills and reactiveness.

The beauty of Say What?! is that it allows us to venture in to all sorts of talking points and big moments throughout the calendar year. The best part of each episode is that it puts the audience at the heart of the content – whether you agree with their opinions or not, everybody has got one and should feel able to voice that (within reason of course!)

What’s exciting about the show is that we’re only at the start of the journey and as we test more and more strands within the show, we’ll learn what Snapchat users are craving. We hope you enjoy the show and hopefully we’ll see you out and about.”

You can watch all the episodes, here.

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