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Brave Bison x Fight for Peace.

January 2023 - Opinion

When Fight for Peace shared that they were looking for young creators, we saw an opportunity to offer our services. Chris Grimwood shares with us his passion for the initiative:

There are few moments where I can say that a hobby, a career, and a charity I passionately believe in have converged in such a way as this partnership. I’ve been a long-term follower of Fight for Peace’s work since I was introduced to them by someone I was training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with, around 6 years ago. Since then, I’ve read the annual reports, followed their global expansion, and admired from a distance the impact they’ve delivered through the transformative nature of combat sports.

The issues Fight for Peace is tackling day in, and day out are systemic and complex, and as a result, our contribution through this partnership is one very small component of what is a truly excellent organisation with awesome programming. But in this small contribution, we endeavour to bring the very best of Brave Bison through our four workshops in support of Fight for Peace’s Young Creators Program and to offer advice and consultancy to a communications team that is first and foremost, lovely to work with and, deeply passionate about Fight for Peace’s mission.

When it comes to greater representation within the creative industries, the emphasis is always on short-term tactical solutions. Very little weighting is given to longer-term strategic initiatives that can help shift the balance in the future. I believe there’s a wealth of young talent that is simply unaware of the opportunities within the creative industries, and right now the industry needs them.

Brave Bison is going to learn as much from the Young Creators as they will from us, but if we can leave young people with a few more options on the table when it comes to choosing a potential career and the understanding that they would be welcomed with open arms by the best companies in the industry, then I feel we’ve done our job.

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