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Brave Bison x WWF: AI imagines a world without nature

March 2023 - Performance • News • Press

Imaging a world with no nature for WWF

Last week, the WWF, the AI/CC Creative Community and Brave Bison collaborated on an initiative to coincide with WWF’s annual #WORLDWITHOUTNATURE campaign, which encourages companies to remove wildlife from their branding to highlight the dramatic loss of biodiversity in the world.  

The AI/CC Creative Community was invited to imagine what a world without nature might look like. The images and videos were made by creators using visual AI tools, with the aim to raise awareness amongst the public, encouraging them to appreciate and protect the environment. The end goal is to help to stop these macabre images from becoming a reality.  

The resulting work reflected a wide range of thoughts, emotions and personal ideas to imagine what a world without nature might look like and mean.



Felicity Glennie Holmes, Executive Director for Communications & Marketing at WWF International, said: “We want this year’s #WorldWithoutNature to make audiences think twice about the beauty and nature that we’ve long taken for granted, but which is quickly disappearing before our eyes. We need more people, more than ever to get behind our efforts to halt and reverse nature loss by 2030." 

Seth Pyrzynski, founder of the AI/CC Creative Community, said: “We felt that the combination of AI and our vibrant community was the perfect vehicle for this brief. To see the community mobilise en masse behind this most important fight of our time was a humbling and awesome sight to behold. We hope that the wide-ranging response from talented creators from across the globe will make people consider their role in the preservation of our natural world.” 

The results of this provide a bleak warning, with many of the images showing desolate landscapes, gas masks and ghostly images of animals from future extinction.  

Matt Garbutt, Creative Director at Brave Bison, said: “All too often, AI is the machine that will subjugate mankind. The truth is that humankind has subjugated nature for far too long. And now we can prompt AI to imagine images to turn the mirror on humankind and make people think. WWF took a brave, important and pioneering step here to use cutting-edge technology and the power of community on this initiative, we salute them.” 

Diving into the images

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