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Need to know: GA4 Webinar

January 2024 - Performance • Webinars

The digital marketing landscape grows more intricate by the day with the continual emergence and evolution of new platforms, algorithms, audiences, behaviours, trends and technologies. For marketers, the effort required to stay current and adapt strategies can be exhausting to keep up!

Enter Brave Bison Performance: Need to know webinars.

Our totally free webinar series to help the industry level up it's performance game and we kicked off our series with Google Analytics 4.

We shared how to really get to grips with the platform to supercharge your data strategy, maximise the insights available to your business and mitigate any side effects of an imperfect transition. 

💭 What can you expect?

  • The best hidden features (and benefits) of GA4.

  • How to customise your reporting set up to level up your insight. 

  • How to identify attribution at every stage of your customer journeys, so you know where your marketing efforts are truly providing value.

  • What can go wrong when you migrate and more importantly, how to solve it.

Don't miss the recording below and if you're looking for more insight into maximising your GA4 strategy, then download your help guide.



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