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Where's your head at? Key considerations when going headless

April 2024 - Commerce • Guides

‘Headless’ architecture has been an industry buzzword for some time, especially since the rise in popularity of composable and MACH architectures and for many, it can represent the first step on the journey to composable commerce.

But how do you identify the right fit for your business needs? And why does the importance of getting the ‘head’ right often get overlooked by businesses? 

“Composable technology is about subsystems,” says Mike Saar, director of EMEA sales for our partner Alokai (previously Vue Storefront). “A car isn’t built of parts all made by the same manufacturer. Composable works in the same way. It’s about bringing together multiple different systems to create something that’s easy to use.” 

Whether you’re working to modernise legacy tech or a preferred suite, or building a brand-new composable architecture from scratch, Mike and Marcel Houtzager, CTO at Winparts (part of Alliance Automotive Group) demystify the concept of headless architecture and explain why it’s so crucial to get the ‘head’ right before anything else.  

In the first of our recorded sessions from the first-ever Composable Commerce Summit, find out:  

  • How to prioritise business outcomes over technology features 

  • How to find and integrate the right headless technologies for your business needs 

  • How to make a business case for a composable approach to key stakeholders within your organisation 

  • How Winparts assessed the market and made the business case for composable to key stakeholders 

Catch the full discussion below.  



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