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Delivering Facebook growth and a hit Snapchat show for Jolly


Jolly's Facebook channel faced challenges in monetisation eligibility, hindering potential revenue streams despite possessing significant catalogue content. Additionally, expanding audience reach across multiple platforms was a priority to maximise content visibility and engagement.


We stepped in to facilitate a content partnership with Jolly, addressing Facebook's monetisation barriers to make the channel eligible for in-stream ads, Performance Bonus, and Facebook stars through our expertise in channel management. We also facilitated the greenlighting of Jolly's show on Snapchat. As a result, Jolly's Snapchat following soared to 260K, demonstrating substantial audience expansion and revenue generation across multiple platforms.

Through our meticulous post-production, strategic channel management, and proactive community engagement efforts, Jolly unlocked various revenue streams while fostering audience growth and interaction.


+9900% increase in earnings

+40M increase in reach

+300K follower increase

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