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Unlock the power of
composable commerce
for your business.

We get it, the road to composable can be daunting. There are many platforms and tools on the market and new ones emerge daily. Understanding where to start or how to balance different business and technical priorities can be difficult.

The market is saturated with different strategies and ‘thought leadership’ offering different opinions without specific context. To help you capitalise on this complexity, we've developed a comprehensive consulting package that takes just 2 weeks.

It’s the first phase in our 4 step process to delivering a composable commerce project. Via a series of workshops with your team, we’ll get under the skin of how your business operates and really interrogate the outcomes you want to deliver through composable architecture. Then we’ll provide you with recommendations for the best platforms and technologies together with a broad cost of ownership, roadmap to delivery and the vendor briefs you need to make your goals a reality.

And the best part?

If you decide to implement the learnings from your composable readiness roadmap with us as your systems integration partner, we'll discount the initial consultation fee from the overall fee for your project.

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