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Event Details

Date: Wednesday 20th March
Time: 11:45 am - 5:00 pm
Location: Everyman Cinema
1 Finsbury Ave

Join our exclusive gathering of over 100 technology and marketing leaders for an afternoon of informative panels, fireside chats, keynotes and valuable networking opportunities designed to help you unlock the power of composable commerce for your business.

Are you struggling to keep up with changing shopping behaviours or optimise your digital platforms for maximum conversions?

Want to innovate with AI but unable to separate the value from the hype?

Conscious of the carbon impact of your digital presence but unsure how to reduce it?

Trying to tell more consistent and dynamic stories across your digital ecosystem?

Looking to integrate new technologies into your commerce stack without being locked into costly ownership fees or having to re-platform every time?

At the UK's first Composable Commerce summit, leaders at Danone, Vodafone. HMV, TikTok, MKM, Winparts and Eurokangas will share how they're using composable strategies to solve these challenges and more.

Join us on the 20th March to learn how to use composable technology to solve your own business challenges and unlock a brave new world of possibility.

11:45 Registration, brunch and coffee.

12:15 – 12:25 A quick introduction to Composable Commerce from Brave Bison's Ed Hornby.

12:30 – 12:55 Keynote: Where’s your head at? Key considerations when going headless with Alokai (formerly Vue Storefront) and Winparts.

‘Headless’ architecture has been an industry buzzword for some time, especially since the rise in popularity of composable and MACH architectures, and for many can represent the first step on the journey to composable commerce. But why is getting the ‘head’ right so important? How do you identify the right fit for your business needs and why does the importance of getting it right often get overlooked by businesses?

Whether you’re working to modernise legacy tech or a preferred suite, or building a brand new composable architecture from scratch, leaders from Alokai (previously Vue Storefront) and Winparts (part of Alliance Automotive Group) will help you identify:

  • How to prioritise business outcomes, over technology features.

  • How to find and integrate the right headless technologies for your business needs.

  • How to make a business case for a composable approach to key stakeholders within your organisation.

  • How Winparts assessed the market and made the business case for composable to key stakeholders.

13:00 - 13:35 Panel discussion: Staying ahead in the age of social commerce: how to meet, delight and convert GenZ customers where they already are with TikTok Shop, Luxe Collective, HMV and BigCommerce.

The avenues through which new customers can discover and purchase your products are proliferating rapidly. To capitalise on this complexity, many businesses are already using composable technologies to curate personalised and seamless commerce experiences that find and convert new consumers on the platforms they already use.

In this session, we’ll dive into the emerging shopping behaviours that are transforming the commerce landscape and discuss how best to identify, integrate and optimise the composable commerce solutions that can help you stay ahead.

Join leaders from HMV, BigCommerce, Luxe Collective and TikTok Shop to learn:

  • How to navigate the emerging social commerce landscape so you can find and convert new audiences on the platforms they are already using.

  • How to build a future-fit tech stack that keeps apace with changing shopping behaviours.

  • The secret to a successful test and learn approach.

13:40 - 14:05 Keynote: Unlocking sustainable systems: are websites a hidden carbon giant? with Tangent.

As the impact of climate change gets closer to home and more devastating by the day, the global sustainability movement has gathered steam and started to impact daily lives: from the food we purchase, to the travel and lifestyle choices we make.

But, how are the websites we use every day contributing to carbon emissions? Are we doing enough from within our industry to make this often overlooked digital space greener? Reducing carbon footprints across digital products and thinking sustainably when it comes to system design is not only crucial to future proofing your brand’s digital operation, it is also better for the planet in general.

Join Andy Eva-Dale, Technical Director at Tangent, to explore:

  • The context behind our industry’s global emissions story

  • The technical implications of green system implementation and design features unlocked by composable architectures

  • Parallels that can be drawn between sustainability across performance, scalability and cost, featuring real-world metrics from projects Tangent have delivered

14:05 - 14:20 Keynote: The great transition to the net zero economy with Leo Rayman, EdenLab.

The Great Transition to the Net Zero economy is the biggest economic opportunity of our lifetimes. Shifting to green, clean (decarbonised) growth will define your career for the next 20 years. But there's a bug in the system... if tech is solely used to make transactions and consumption more and more frictionless, it's worsening climate breakdown.

Net Zero efforts tend to focus on the supply-side of the business model; manufacturing, feedstocks, distribution and reporting. But that’s only half the story. A successful transition will only come about when the demand-side is also transformed. It’s one thing to develop a sustainable supply chain, it's quite another to see consumers demand them at scale.

Leo Rayman will share the latest thinking on how to switch demand towards sustainable carbon products, offering insight into what shapes consumer choice and public engagement, including methods being employed successfully in other industries, before finishing on the key principles a Net Zero tech industry must embrace to drive a successful transition.

14:20 - 14:50 Drinks, snacks and networking.

14:50 - 15:25 Panel discussion: AI in action: cutting through the hype to deliver real business impact with Eurokangas, Klevu and Amplience.

One of the core benefits of a composable approach is the flexibility to seamlessly integrate emerging technologies into your commerce stack without disrupting daily operations. But when it comes to AI-powered tech, how do you separate the buzz from the investments that will have a genuine impact on your business goals?

Join leaders from Klevu, Amplience and Eurokangas to explore tangible examples of how AI-powered technology has already delivered against strategic business objectives. No jargon, just real stories you can learn from. We’ll discuss:

  • How AI is making it easier than ever to drive efficiency and deliver deep personalisation at scale.

  • How to identify and seamlessly integrate AI-powered technologies that align with and deliver on your overall business objectives.

  • Emerging AI trends and the potential pitfalls, empowering you to make informed decisions that will future-proof your technology stack for sustained success.

15:30 - 15:45 In conversation: Stories power growth: how to use composable strategies to unlock the power of storytelling for your organisation with Vodafone group.

In a world of rising choice paralysis, a compelling and consistent brand narrative is a business imperative. The right stories and reputation will help you stand out from the competition, build trust, align internal stakeholders and strengthen customer loyalty—ultimately driving long-term growth for your business.

But for complex, multi-market and multi-functional businesses, delivering the right communications strategy consistently across your digital platforms is incredibly challenging. However, by taking a composable approach, you can not only unlock huge cost efficiencies but new storytelling formats and seamless UX to boot.

In this session, join Sam Billett, digital transformation, communications and reputation specialist at Vodafone Group to learn:

  • How the flexibility of a front-end storyfront helped Vodafone Group tell more consistent and dynamic stories across their digital ecosystem.

  • How to choose and integrate the right technologies for your communications and brand goals.

  • How to bridge the communications gap between developers and executives in your organisation.

  • The key learnings from Vodafone Group’s ongoing composable journey.

15:50 - 16:25 Panel discussion: The road to composable: lessons from those already on the journey with Danone, MKM and Winparts.

We get it, the road to composable can be daunting. There are many platforms and tools on the market and new ones emerge daily. Understanding where to start or how to balance different business and technical priorities can be difficult.

In this session, we’ve gathered technical leaders at different stages of their composable journey to share their key learnings, watch outs and insights from the journey.

Join leaders from Danone, MKM and Winparts (part of Alliance Automotive Group) to learn:

  • How to make a business case for a composable approach to key stakeholders within your organisation.

  • How to get under the skin of how your business operates and really interrogate the outcomes you want to deliver through composable architecture.

  • How to de-risk technology selection, build a roadmap to delivery and identify the vendor briefs you need to make your goals a reality.

  • The benefits of going composable from those who’ve already done it.

16:25 - 17:00 Keynote: The currency of trust with Stripe.

Getting the checkout experience right can mark the difference between a successful sale and an abandoned cart, yet many businesses fail to make payments a part of their commerce strategy—even when it has a direct impact on revenue.

In a world where composable commerce is making seamless customer experience table stakes for retailers, ensuring minimal friction at check out is key to not only building trust but increasing customer loyalty over time.

In this session, Stripe will share best practices for building the currency of trust gleaned from their experience partnering with 3 million customers worldwide. You’ll learn:

  • Why payment experience is customer experience.

  • Best practices for checkout optimisation.

  • How to build trust and safeguard your brand.

  • How to use to transactional data to increase customer loyalty.

  • How to turn trust into recurring revenue streams

17:00 - 18:30 Cocktails, canapés and networking.

Meet the speakers

1/4 artist, 3/4 nerd. Marcel is CTO of Winparts (part of Alliance Automotive Group) and as such responsible for all things tech for the European consumer market in the automotive e-commerce. His background in both Science and Arts makes him combine analytical skills and creative solutions. Starting a full stack developer career in the previous century he grew to more strategic functions over the years which led him to solve various impactful IT challenges.

Marcel Houtzager




Digital native, martech expert and MACH ambassador with a decade of experience, working across different digital marketing functions for some of the biggest brands.

Ralph Urmel

Global Senior Digital Experience Manager



As the Fashion SMB Lead, Flavia is responsible for expanding the TikTok Shop roster of SMB brands in the UK. She focuses on unlocking new potential and cultivating the growth of new brands, while also providing support to existing brands to seamlessly integrate into the Social Commerce model. Flavia ensures that these brands leverage all the available tools on TikTok Shop, including the affiliate program.

Before joining TikTok Shop, Flavia founded several startups, each at the intersection of technology and creativity. One notable venture involved her contribution to a social commerce app with a beauty-centric focus. This app allowed users to share product reviews through short videos, which could then be transformed into shoppable content. It was during this experience that Flavia first recognised the transformative power of social commerce.

Flavia de Pfyffer

Fashion Lead

TikTok Shop


Eleanor Jones

Client Partner 

Brave Bison


In his career, Oliver has been involved in multiple start-ups and is currently the Chief Operations Officer at Luxe Collective, a resale business within the luxury space.

Oliver Millar


Luxe Collective


David is a key player in the agency tech landscape, working with some of the largest and most influential digital agencies on the planet – helping them solve their client's critical business issues by leveraging market-leading technology. Before working at Stripe, David led partnerships at Adobe and Tealium. David is also on the Growth Council for the MACH Alliance.

David Nisbet

Head of Agency Ecosystem Partnerships EMEA at Stripe



With 15 years of experience across ecommerce, retail, and user experience, Rachel specialises in identifying and bridging experience gaps to drive substantial growth. Rachel's unique blend of skills—spanning branding, copywriting, UX, PR, and B2B growth marketing, enriched by her background in opera and vocal performance—provides her with a unique perspective and fuels her curiosity. Recognised as one of the Top 24 Voices in eCommerce, and an advocate for Women in MACH and eCommerce Pride, she also hosts the Klevu Discovered Podcast, curating strategic insights for the eCommerce community.

Rachel Tonner

VP of Marketing



Leo is the CEO and founder of EdenLab. EdenLab is a global sustainability innovation and green growth consultancy. EdenLab helps make big companies more sustainable and sustainable companies bigger. Leo believes that we must work with and through companies to accelerate the transition to a post-carbon world. EdenLab works on commercialising sustainability for clients like Unilever, TUI, Danone, giffgaff, The Football Association and EDF Ventures as well as a number of promising ClimateTech firms working in carbon capture, biodiversity monitoring and waste upcycling. Previously he was CEO of Grey Consulting a management consultancy within WPP And previously CEO and Chief Strategy Officer of world famous ad agency Grey London. Leo gained a distinction in Business Sustainability Management from the Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership has an MA from Oxford. He’s a domain expert adviser to Carbon13 the Cambridge-based venture builder for the climate emergency. Leo has recently lectured at The Saïd Business School, the London School of Economics, Oxford University and The Marketing Society.

Leo Rayman

Founder and CEO



A tenured revenue marketing leader, Elizabeth Azide is currently the Director of Marketing for the EMEA region at BigCommerce. Elizabeth is experienced in all facets of acquisition marketing, and is known for bringing a collaborative, integrated approach to advancing objectives at global and regional levels.

Elizabeth Azide

Director of Marketing EMEA



Andy brings over 20 years of experience in crafting digital strategies for both high street retail and blue-chip companies. Specialising in leading efficient design and development processes for mobile and web applications, he is adept at formulating omni-channel marketing strategies to boost engagement. Andy is dedicated to digital transformation, utilizing data and user testing to inform decision-making, emphasizing user experience and employing heuristic techniques. With a proven track record, Andy Pickup consistently contributes to organizations such as MKM Building Supplies, Johnson Matthey, The HEINEKEN Company, Spire Healthcare Group plc,, and SkyBet, playing key roles in platform UX, design, CX, and conversion strategies.

Andy Pickup

Digital and Marketing Director



Craig is Head of Digital at MKM where he joined over 2.5 years ago to lead a Replatform programme. 30+ years IT/Digital experience starting out as Developer in 1992 leading to various roles in his career working for the likes of Vodafone, BT, Heineken and Sky. An experienced technology and digital commerce leader with specialist knowledge and skills in composable e-commerce replatforming and devops team building from scratch

Craig McLaren

Head of Digital



Antti Voutilainen is a dynamic and versatile professional with a passion for digital marketing and ecommerce. Currently serving as the Director of Ecommerce at Eurokangas, Antti has successfully elevated the digital customer experience by implementing innovative strategies and using modern technologies.

Antti Voutilainen

Director of eCommerce



Mike has worked in the technology space since the start of the ‘90s. During that time, he has worked in several different technology sectors including Customer Service / Contact Centres, Speech Analytics, Customer Experience Analytics and now Composable Technology.

Since 2011 Mike has been involved in various forms of ecommerce solutions – always focused on the frontend and how customers experienced their journeys on either web or mobile devices. Mike invented a business metric data analysis platform that sat on IBM Tealeaf and now works at Alokai (previously Vue Storefront) helping organisations understand how to get the best from their ecommerce platforms with a performant composable frontend.  

Mike Saar

Director of EMEA Sales

Alokai (formerly Vue Storefront)


Kieran Lane

Director of Solution Engineering



Community Manager at HMV, Connor has been working at HMV since just after it was bought by Doug Putman, working across all digital channels within Music, Film & TV, Pop Culture and more. They've been at the forefront of developing MarTech, Social Strategies and developing a fresh face for a 103 year old brand, whether on TikTok or the newly reopened 363 Oxford Street.

Connor Weir

Community Manager



Ed Hornby is the Managing Director of Brave Bison Commerce. He is a seasoned digital leader with over 25 years of experience in the industry. Previously, he was Managing Director at VCCP CX, a prominent UK digital experience agency.

Ed excels in driving growth and innovation in the digital space, leveraging his understanding of the advancing digital landscape to accelerate change through technology and delivering smart solutions for clients. Ed’s current focus is on harnessing the advantages of composable technologies for omnichannel ecommerce experiences. Throughout his career, Ed has developed award-winning digital products and services for renowned brands such as O2, British Airways, BT, Shell, Kia, RBS, Domino's, and Easyjet. He has also successfully managed the integration of multiple agencies and businesses.Ed frequently speaks and writes about digital transformation and the agency world.

Ed Hornby

Managing Director, Commerce

Brave Bison


Andy has over 15 years application development experience; working with organisations like the SAP, IWG, Grant Thornton, Aegon, UKPN and Sky. During this time, he has worked across full stacks; scoping, designing, documenting, and delivering award-winning, large enterprise standard products on a global scale. Andy has certifications in multiple technologies, has delivered talks on emerging technologies and is an active member of various communities. He was highly commended as Tech Leader of the Year at the Prolific North Tech Awards 2023.

As the Technical Director at Tangent, Andy mentors a 45+ strong department, creating cloud-first, scalable, robust, secure, globally distributed applications. Andy is active in the community, championing sustainable system design, diversity in tech and dyslexia awareness.

Andy Eva Dale

Technical Director



Leigh has 15+ years experience leading global businesses for FTSE 100 companies, boutique consultancies and agencies. He has a consultancy background with a focus on executive management, customer experience & technology working with clients like HSBC, Ford, Unilever, and Coca-Cola. Leigh is a leading figure in the digital sector, speaking at industry events, contributing to diversity and inclusion initiatives and sitting on advisory councils for Microsoft, Adobe and Sitecore.

Leigh Gammons




As Chief Marketing Officer, Hannah is responsible for building the Brave Bison brand globally, unlocking new opportunities for growth for both existing and new clients and helping every corner of our business deliver on our mission to capitalise on complexity.

Prior to Brave Bison, Hannah led marketing teams at a wide variety of agencies and networks across the creative and media industries in both the UK and US, most recently at WPP’s Wavemaker where she created the industry’s first media summit for scale-ups and launched the agency’s highly successful ‘Media Essentials Certificate’ for brands.

Hannah Baker

Chief Marketing Officer

Brave Bison


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Located just 5 minutes from London Liverpool Street Station, we've booked out the entire Everyman Broadgate Cinema for the afternoon. With the comfiest luxury cinema seats, a Spielburger kitchen serving excellent food, and a large bar with some seriously good cocktails, it's the perfect place to mingle and indulge between keynotes.


A world where complexity is the only constant demands a new breed of company. Brave Bison is a different beast; a media, marketing and technology company purpose built for the digital era.

At Brave Bison, we’ve been leading the charge in composable commerce for over two years and were the first agency to deliver an award-winning composable re-platforming at scale. With over 250 specialists across four business practices—Brave Bison Performance, Brave Bison Commerce, SocialChain and our own media network—we help ambitious businesses capitalise on complexity from trend to spend by building custom, channel agnostic solutions to their challenges delivered with focused agility. With a globally distributed team offering round the clock delivery at the speed of digital, our clients include New Balance, KFC, TikTok, Curry’s, Furniture Village and Amazon.


Tangent help enterprise organisations build future-ready digital experiences, products, and capabilities with a focus on People, Planet & Purpose. From shaping the underlying strategy to refining the final design and build, we create experiences using composable architecture that enhance people’s lives, prioritise sustainable digital practices, and help achieve commercial objectives.

Tangent's experts span four core areas: Customer Experience & Design, Technology & Engineering and Business Architecture & Change. Their experts in Strategy & Consulting also advise across each discipline to offer truly end-to-end project partnership.

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Event Details

Date: Wednesday 20th March
Time: 11:45 am - 5:00 pm
Location: Everyman Cinema
1 Finsbury Ave