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Braive new worlds: Looking ahead to AI's breakout year

January 2023 - Interviews • Opinion

2023 will be AI’s breakout year. In only the last few months, advances have melted faces. Matt Garbutt, Creative Director at The Studio, Brave Bison, shares thoughts on 2023 and beyond.

So, over to you, Matt...

"What am I unearthing? In October, I wrote a piece about AI in adland. The tone was all a bit meh, particularly when it came to AI copy. Soon after, ChatGPT hit. And Midjourney released V4. I’m now a hundred feet deep in an AI rabbit hole of my own making and scooping back the mud with my six clawed paws to dig deeper.

(Dogenut, anyone?)

Big Tech troubles

Recent warp speed leaps have had the big boys losing sleep. Just before Xmas, Google issued a code red to its teams on the rise of ChatGPT, which is in free public beta right now, so a paid model is coming. But what if there was an ad-funded version? I could now laser target someone and then predict future intent to build out a campaign. I can also use AI to help me write that campaign. 

(An infographic inspo experiment)

Creative at warp speed

We’re using AI for research, concept dev, inspiration, content generation and copywriting - Brave Bison's special projects team built Bison Bot on top of GPT-3 to generate long form copy, watch this space for more from us. Then we'll watch as AI-generated video moves beyond explainer videos into content creation and onto social feeds in a big way. Similar things in the music world. 

(Fun for another client of ours)

Demand for AI whisperers

Anyone can generate visuals but it takes skill to get high quality and consistent results. Midjourney V4 made huge leaps with NLP to generate visuals. But prompt design is no easy feat and as the machines add features and functionality, they’ll get more complex. There’ll likely be demand for people who augment their workflows with AI to get great results for clients with better economy. These early adopters will do well. I've been inspired by the likes of Brian SykesSherry Horowitz - Brand Identity DesignerMatteo Ferrari and many more lately (the list goes on...) There’ll be demand for AI content creators, writers, marketers and project managers too.

(My kid made this, honest!)

Product development

When we start with an idea and ask AI to help us with it, we get unexpected and inspirational results. Expect to see weird, wonderful and surprising things in all areas like automotive, fashion, furniture & interiors, domestic tech and so on. 

(Also an infographic inspo experiment, we'd recently done a piece of work for Currys about coffee consumption in the UK, so I felt inspired...)

Investment bubble

Watch the bunfight to get a piece of this pie (pAI?)
Early movers will exit for big multiples while latecomers will wind up bagholding, like any bubble.

(Because who doesn't want to know what space travel might look like in future)

Law, order and regulation

Personal data, licensing and copyright issues will all make headline news. There’ll be famous people suing for use of their likeness, artists for plagiarism and public unrest over data leverage. The EU has an AI act in the wings, I'll watch it.

(Part of a series of test adcepts around Christmas for you know who...)


Personal assistants will handle a wider range of tasks (Alexa, book us a family skiing trip to Italy, we want to stay in a chalet with likeminded families, organise our flights, transfers and equipment rental). In architecture, AI will play a larger role in design and construction, optimising energy efficiency and personalising home layouts and features.
In sum, AI’s like a sailboat. The wind’s blowing strongly in its direction but us humans are still the hand on the tiller. Early adoption is key, adapt or get left behind. We can’t stop the wind."

(This resulted from a one-word prompt: Singularity)

Of course, some of this was written by AI.

And the rest, well that was Matt Garbutt, Creative Director, The Studio, Brave Bison. Want to find out how AI could take your business to the next level?
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