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Brave Bison announces four global YouTube deals

May 2020 -

Brave Bison, the social video company, has announced four new clients that have entered the agency’s YouTube community: World Dodgeball Federation; IMVBox; Media Star Maker; and ViralPress. The partnerships created are based on Brave Bison’s proven success within a wide range of categories and are expected to strengthen the company’s overall portfolio.

The World Dodgeball Federation (WDBF), the niche sporting association, has joined Brave Bison’s existing roster of sports channels, which includes World Chase Tag, a challenger niche sport that experienced viral success with the help of Brave Bison. Since joining the platform, WDBF has seen subscribers grow by 10% to 64,000 and viewership increase by 3 million views.

Duane Wysynski, President of WDBF, says: “At just 30 days into our partnership with Brave Bison, we are seeing excellent results. The Brave Bison team has done a great job in laying the foundation for our channel and is helping to ensure that our content is appealing, relevant and reaching our target audience.”

IMVBox, the online distribution platform known as the home of Iranian movies has also enlisted Brave Bison’s expertise in content strategy and channel growth capabilities. IMVBox is the latest addition to Brave Bison’s growing list of international content providers including Sodere, the largest source of Ethiopian movies, dramas, sitcoms and music clips. Since January 2020, Brave Bison has not only developed IMVBox’s YouTube strategy, it has created four new channels from the ground up that have generated a combined 18 million views.

Media Star Maker, a media production company that serves creators around the world, primarily in the Middle East and North Africa is another company that has partnered with Brave Bison to build its social media presence and content strategy. Media Star Maker will be bringing its extensive network of the biggest Arabic-language influencers to the table, while Brave Bison, as a preferred partner of YouTube and with 14 years of experience growing channels on the platform, will be providing the technical and digital support required.
Mina Mikhael, Sales and Marketing Director of Media Star Maker, comments: “Our partnership with Brave Bison bridges the gap between the East and the West. We are confident that with the help of Brave Bison, we will be able to revolutionize the industry together.”

The final addition to Brave Bison’s YouTube community is ViralPress, a news agency based in Asia that specialises in licensing video and User Generated Content (UGC). Having worked with similar companies, like NewsFlare, which brings together contributors from all over the world and tells their stories to a global audience, Brave Bison was a natural fit for ViralPress given its expertise in channel management, content strategy and asset management experience.

Kate Burns, CEO of Brave Bison, notes: “Brave Bison is a brand leader in YouTube channel management. We work with some of the biggest organisations and rights holders in the world, as well as with niche verticals, the under-served sectors that have highly engaged and loyal audiences. We provide our expertise to partners of all sizes and will continue to do so, although our future focus will be more keenly concentrated on those smaller groups of engaged audiences who are consuming the content they love across a diverse range of sectors.”

“We enable these channels to grow and many of these IP owners come to Brave Bison because we can take them to the next level – increasing brand awareness as well as their following, engagement and, ultimately, revenue.”

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