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Elevating Omnichannel with Composable Commerce

November 2023 - Commerce • Guides

In a world where every click, swipe, and tap brings a new opportunity for commerce, businesses are turning to innovative models to perform in the digital landscape. One emerging strategy is composable commerce.

Building with modular blocks, composable commerce allows you to construct a bespoke commerce platform tailored to your specific needs. It's a system that champions flexibility, agility, and customisation. The composable commerce model is designed to empower businesses to select and assemble various commerce components – from search and inventory to checkout systems and beyond – to create a unique architecture that aligns with your distinct requirements and goals.

When this is skillfully integrated with an omnichannel approach, your business is equipped with a powerful strategy capable of enhancing customer engagement and fostering enduring loyalty.

Composable commerce and omnichannel experiences

Today's consumers demand round-the-clock convenience, compelling organisations to swiftly respond to dynamic market trends. To achieve the necessary business agility, you must actively innovate and carefully select technology configurations that provide a cohesive customer experience spanning pre- and post-sales interactions.

What sets composable commerce apart is its inherent flexibility and adaptability, enabling you to tailor-make your commerce architecture by assembling various components that best serve your needs.

Whether it's the need for a robust inventory management system, an intuitive checkout experience, or a powerful search function, composable commerce allows us to create a bespoke blend of these components.

This customisation extends to integrating various platforms seamlessly, a fundamental requirement for delivering a consistent and engaging customer experience across all channels—be it web, mobile, social media, or even brick-and-mortar outlets.

A key tenet of composable commerce is its capacity to drive personalisation at scale. In the increasingly competitive world of e-commerce, we know that personalisation isn’t just an option—it’s a necessity. Composable commerce empowers you to adjust and refine customer experiences based on real-time insights into customer preferences and behaviours. It enables you to deliver highly tailored experiences that not only meet but anticipate customer needs, thus fostering deeper customer satisfaction and loyalty.

In this way, composable commerce has become an invaluable tool in your omnichannel strategy kit. By providing you with the agility to customise and optimise our commerce platforms, it ensures that you are always ready to meet the ever-changing demands of your customers, making it an indispensable element in crafting successful omnichannel experiences.

In retail, companies face imperatives such as maintaining a unified, real-time view of inventory by integrating data from physical stores and return processes. By assembling digital experiences on-demand, tailored to individual customer requirements and chosen touchpoints, you can prioritise the customer journey and elevate their experience.

Brave Bison delivered a composable, omnichannel experience for MKM Building Supplies. Supporting them in driving personalisation throughout the customer journey. MKM also successfully merged online and offline experiences, with Brave Bison advising on their product feed options as part of their Shopping strategy. Marketplace strategy and directly supporting them in optimising their product feeds for their selected Marketplaces.

The flexibility provided by a composable strategy extends to inventory management and product distribution, enabling seamless integration with diverse suppliers and logistics services. This optimisation streamlines stock management, reduces shipping costs, and enhances overall operational efficiency.

Leveraging marketplaces in an omnichannel strategy

Online marketplaces have evolved from being supplementary sales channels to a key pillar of a potent omnichannel strategy. We recognise the unparalleled opportunity that marketplaces provide in reaching broader audiences, amplifying product visibility, and ultimately, driving substantial sales growth.

The sheer variety and volume of marketplaces – from giants like Amazon and eBay to niche platforms catered to specific industries or products – present a unique proposition. These platforms afford you the ability to diversify your online presence, catering to different consumer segments, and tap into new markets, all while managing your product feeds, pricing, and customer interactions centrally.

However, navigating the complexity of these marketplaces requires a holistic strategy. It's crucial to understand that each marketplace comes with its own set of rules, audience behaviour, and competition. Selecting the right marketplace, or a combination thereof, involves a careful analysis of your product offering, target audience, and business goals.

Marketplaces dovetail seamlessly with the tenets of composable commerce. By offering businesses the ability to scale and adapt across diverse platforms from a central command, they embody the flexibility and modularity that composable commerce champions.

Additionally, marketplaces enable you to gather data and insights on consumer behaviour, purchase patterns, and product performance. This data can be leveraged to further optimise your product feeds, craft personalised customer interactions, and adjust pricing strategies—all integral components of a robust composable commerce model.

As an Omnichannel Certified Agency, we can help our retail clients grow their omnichannel strategy by helping you gain access to marketplaces with direct channel partner access (including Meta and TikTok). Working with BigCommerce we can provide Omnichannel consultations to review your existing media mix and recommend adding additional channels where it makes business sense.

Our strategic use of marketplaces in an omnichannel approach, complemented by the capabilities of composable commerce, creates a dynamic duo for modern retail.

Brave Bison is operationalising composable commerce and marketplaces to drive omnichannel experiences

Our team is already demonstrating how to combine product feed optimisation, paid media growth, and commerce platform expertise into a comprehensive retail solution.

A fundamental aspect of our strategy is our strategic partnerships with the likes of Big Commerce and Feedonomics. Utilising Feedonomics, we manage and enrich product feeds, ensuring that accurate and up-to-date product information is disseminated across various channels. This not only supports product visibility and customer experience but also uncovers new revenue opportunities.

Through feed management on Feedonomics, we deliver impactful multi-market retail uplift, which is particularly evident in our roll-out of Enhanced Feeds in Google Shopping. By adding additional feeds, we incorporate richer data, including inventory or product data. This means more frequent updates, better accuracy, and increased availability, fostering growth and scale.

The outcome?

Growth and scale through enhanced Google search visibility and conversion rate. A case in point is our recent work with New Balance, which resulted in a 29% increase in ROAS across all markets.

Retail growth is also about testing and adopting the latest platform updates and incorporating them into our client strategies. Performance Max serves as a prime example. Recognising that Performance Max, along with a continually optimised product feed could help our clients reach potential customers more efficiently, we implemented this across applicable clients.

The outcome with Furniture Village, a retailer who we also partner with to build and optimise their commerce platform and owned channels, was noteworthy. By merging product feed optimisation with Performance Max roll-out, we saw a 150% ROAS increase and a 58% conversion rate uplift compared to Smart Shopping alone.

Integration with BigCommerce, a well-established e-commerce platform, facilitates access to numerous online marketplaces. Our recent project for MKM Building Supplies demonstrated how BigCommerce can punch above its weight as part of a composable tech stack.

We also deploy tools such as Lunio for click fraud detection and prevention on paid search and social platforms, aiming to safeguard their clients' investments while enhancing campaign performance.

The crux of Brave Bison's strategy is the principle of composable commerce. By leveraging this approach, we cater to the specific needs of our clients, delivering a more personalised and efficient service. We can integrate multiple online marketplaces seamlessly and are operationally ready to meet the needs of the modern retail landscape.

What this means for the e-commerce industry is that the interplay of composable commerce and omnichannel strategy is not a theoretical concept; it's already in action, offering tangible advantages in reach, ROAS, and customer engagement.

The imperative of omnichannel experiences across owned channels and marketplaces

We know that delivering a compelling and consistent customer experience across all channels is the bedrock of modern retail. The dynamism of today's customers, who effortlessly switch from mobile apps to websites, and from social media to physical stores, underscores the necessity of omnichannel experiences.

We've moved far beyond the days when merely having a presence on multiple platforms was enough. Today, omnichannel retail is about more than availability—it's about creating a coherent, integrated experience that aligns with your customer’s journey at every touchpoint. It’s about synchronicity, and providing a cohesive, unified experience that promotes customer engagement, retention, and ultimately, loyalty.

A customer might discover a product via your Instagram ad, research it further on your website or a third parties, use your app to compare prices, and finally, make a purchase. Post-purchase, they might even engage with your brand on social media or visit your physical store for an after-sales service.

In this journey, consistency is key. Each interaction with your brand—across social media, website, marketplace, mobile app, or physical store—needs to provide a continuous, seamless experience to maintain the customer's interest and reinforce their decision to choose your brand.

At Brave Bison, we leverage our expertise in Performance Marketing, Commerce, and Strategic Partnerships to provide brands like New Balance, Furniture Village, Milk and More, and Viking Direct with seamless, consistent Omnichannel experiences. Merging offline and online experiences across owned channels, as well as developing marketplace strategies and managing brands feeds across third-party channels.
Omnichannel experiences, when executed effectively, this approach offers a compelling value proposition for both businesses and customers, creating a symbiotic relationship that drives growth and nurtures loyalty. As e-commerce evolves, this customer-centric approach will continue to define successful strategies in the industry.

Composable and omnichannel represent the future of e-commerce

The only constant in e-commerce is change.

As the digital commerce landscape continues its relentless evolution, the integration of composable commerce principles with omnichannel experiences will only gain importance. But more than just staying relevant, it's about harnessing the potential of emerging technologies to redefine customer engagement.
Composable commerce proves invaluable for executing omnichannel strategies, facilitating the creation of an integrated, consistent, and uninterrupted customer experience across all channels. With the ability to add or remove channels as needed, integrate new technologies, and experiment with different functional compositions, businesses can adapt to evolving customer preferences and market dynamics.

In the years to come, advancements in AI and data analytics promise to revolutionise the way we understand and serve our customers. These tools will not only automate and streamline processes but also enable unparalleled personalisation. Imagine predictive analytics providing real-time insights into customer behaviour, allowing your business to craft dynamic, tailored experiences across all touchpoints.

That's the future we're heading towards with composable commerce and omnichannel strategies.
But what does this mean for e-commerce professionals? It means that the days of 'one-size-fits-all' solutions are fading. In their place, a new era of personalised, dynamic, and customer-centric commerce is emerging – and it's powered by the principles of composable commerce and enhanced omnichannel experiences.

In all this change and upheaval, understanding how to navigate and leverage composable commerce is becoming crucial.

To delve deeper into this subject and to explore how composable commerce can be effectively implemented, we invite you to read our whitepaper: "Composed in the Face of Complexity: How we tamed composable commerce". This comprehensive resource provides practical insights and guidance on embracing composable commerce in the face of operational complexity.

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